Call for Nominations for 2018 Board of Directors

Being a member of ISSTD is an experience of being part of a warm, wise, professional family. I often hear people talk about the value of being connected to this group, how it helps them with their clients, and with their growth as a person, therapist, teacher, or researcher.

ISSTD has been growing and moving forward.  Conferences, Regional Seminars, Webinars, the Professional Training Program, the Virtual Book Club, and launch of the Clinical E-Journal have all increased the ways in which we learn from each other and share our knowledge with the world.

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Welcome New ISSTD Members – July

Carolyn Allard
Deborah Arguedas
Chantal Cohen
Beverly Ann Dexter
Virginia S Frazier
Catherine E. Hansen
Heather Jean Hart Kennedy
Ellen Littman
Becky Russell
Sandy M. Alletto
Shannon Bell
Kathleen Eagle
Connie Mitchell
Lee Ann Mitchell
Giles Sieburg
Amanda Wolfe

Jessica Fritzges-White
Shelley Hua

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Welcome New ISSTD Members – June

Juan Barbachano
Patricia Jean Bastani
Jodi L. Bills-Guitron
Maybelle Filler
Esther Goldstein
Micki Halloran
Lisa Hanson
Rhonda Hughes
Jane A. Hull
Marianne Kennedy
Aryeh Levenson
Gary Loomis
Deborah Miller-Froh
Teresa Moorhead
Judith Cohen Oshinsky
Janice Peters
Helen Rathore
Eugenia Reuter
Suzanne Rutti
Satyendra Satyanarayana
Janice H. Schultz
Deby L. Williamson

Geri Buthman
Joanna Filidor
Kristen Henshaw
Catherine Horvath
Erin McLaughlin
Tammy Tsosie
Erin McLaughlin
Carolyn B. Woodworth

Sue A.

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Welcome New ISSTD Members

Roger Carleton
Carrie Ann Carr
Anne David
Danielle Kay Dittmer
Annie Doczi
Jerald M Gottlieb
Natalie Grindy
Valarie Lynn Harris
John Levitt
Marta Muntean
Sophie Pollock
Natalie M. Walch
Elizabeth Weiss
Myra D West
Tracey Wiese

Maritza Erazo
Holly Jayamohan
Lori Johnston
Terry Kerler

Steve Miller
Bethany Neubarth
Caroline Onischak

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Welcome New Members (February – April)

Mark E. Babcock
Lori Bellan
Kate Brainard-Lee
James Bunting
Jim Caldwell
Jonathan Cleveland
James Counsellor
Amber Davies
Elizabeth Davis
Amanda Ellis
Laura Epstein
Jeff N. Gilchrist
Karen Gutherless
Beth Ellen Hancock
Lynne Harris
Mobina Hasan
Elizabeth Hess
Deborah L. Horan
Tamra Hughes
Jane Jacobs
Lauren E. Jones
Gail Kalin
Robert John Kennerley
Vivien King
Jamie D. Kirkpatrick
Zoe Ambre Landers
Ron James Llewelyn
Ian MacDonald
Lars Madsen
Dana Martin
Sheryl Martin
Gordon Francis McCauley
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Welcome to Our New Members

Sarah Anticich
Nadine Baker
Rayna Bertolucci
Gayitri Bhatt
Mandy Bostwick
Lana Brown
Gillian Clissold
Jolanda Cook
Marc Cottrell
Susan Couch
Tamika Curry
Marissa Curtis
Paula Eagle
Debbie Fillion
Mirisse Foroughe
Ilene Gaffin
Vittoria Grant
Christina Hall
Hollie Hannan
Lynn Hazard
Michelle Kamla
Debra L. Kaplan
Kaia Kastepõld-Tõrs
Sarabeth Kossove
Kristina Leonard
Barbara Lewison
Kathia Lopez Murdock
Valerie Macri-Lind
Adelle Madison
Cassandra McLaren
Anne Menaheny
Mary Moore-Farrell
Lenore Newell
Terri Pargot
Joan Petty
Jasmine Porter
Barbara Robertson LCPAT
Juanita Ross
Janelle Salah
Adriano Schimmenti
David Seagull
Laurel Searcy
Hadi Stambouliah
Joann Stern
Dorothy Stringer
Kim Swanson
Laura Zavala-Membreno
Amelie Zonato

Sara-Kate Astrove
Richard Felicetti
Rachel Friedman
Irini Gouzos
Terrence Judd
Carman Klassen
Michael Quinones
Susie Schafer
Shay Selden
Stergios Skatharoudis
Peitao Zhu

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ISSTD Welcomes New Members

ISSTD is pleased to welcome the following new members to our Society who joined from July through September of this year.

Professional and Retired Members
Helen Lang (Australia)

Letizia Adorno (United States)
Lynne Magor-Blatch (Australia)

Kelly Araujo (United States)
Leanne Mairs (United States)

Christopher Beegle (United States)
Judith Marlow (United Kingdom)

Ken Benau (United States)
Sarah McGregor (Australia)

Martin Bendernagel (United States)
Julia Mitchell (United States)

Marianne Bourke (Australia)
Colleen Murray (United States)

Joe Bozic (United States)
Sara Norum (Canada)

Patricia Bratt (United States)
Sara Pace (United States)

Sherry Broadwell (United States)
Billie Pivnick (United States)

Theresa Buysse (United States)
Lisa Polenberg (United States)

Kyle Cheveldayoff (Canada)
Anastasia Pollock (United States)

John Chianelli (United States)
Alicia Portela (Argentina)

Alfred Chung (Australia)
Jenny Potzler (United States)

Diane Clare (New Zealand)
Laura Reagan (United States)

Colleen Clark (Canada)
Sarah Reed (United States)

April Clarke (United States)
Kristin Sheikh (United States)

Kirtan Coan (United States)
Robert Smith (United States)

Joanne Damico (United States)
Fred Strieder (United States)

Tiffany Darling (United States)
Bree Weizenegger (Australia)

Jane Edwards (Australia)
James Wickramasuriya (Australia)

Elisa Elkin Cleary (United States)
Annetta Wormald (United Kingdom)

Megan Foster (United States)

Gerri Framburg (United States)
Student Members

Ken Genlik (Canada)
Amanda Aynes (United States)

Yvette Goldurs (United States)
Lowen Clarke (Australia)

Cindy Hammonds (United States)
Genesis Gonzalez (United States)

Christine Hatchard (United States)
Ryan Harris (United States)

Karen Hennessy (United States)
Leah Keating (Canada)

Joe Hoffman (United States)
Yolanda Martín Higarza (Spain)

Patricia Jeffrey (United States)
Louis Moser (United States)

Catherine Jensen (United States)
Juliana Thomas (United States)

Corinne Kalat (United States)
Sarah Tillsley (Canada)

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Membership Growth Around the Globe

G’day from the Membership Committee!! Co-chaired by two Australian members, Sonia Smuts and Warwick Middleton. We are very pleased with the growing interest in the study of trauma and dissociation, which is being mirrored in our Society’s growing membership. Currently, the ISSTD has 1,297 members from across 35 different countries, with at least 250 new members joining the ISSTD in the past year. That represents a growth rate of 23%!

Interest in membership of our Society has always been strong in North America, and this has now grown to 958.

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New ISSTD Member “Finds Her Tribe”

As a therapist I have always felt like “the only trauma person in the village.” But at the ISSTD Regional Conference in Sydney last year, I felt like I had finally found my tribe. It was a delight and a comfort to come to San Francisco, my home-away-from-home, for the Annual Conference.

I arrived a little late to day one, and got to chat with Na’ama Yehuda in the hall.

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