News You Can Use

News You Can Use – March 2024

Welcome to ISSTD’s New Members in March!

Professional Members
Laura McGee
Jenny Li
Laura McGee
Jenny Li
Edie Mortensen
Lily Vose-O’Neal
Stacie Later
Katherine Sloan
Grant Martin
Katrina Lane
Paul Garcia-Ryan
Marcia Nickow
Megan Kendall
Becca Reed
Tillary Blackman
Kristen Gardner
Marilize Slabber
Professional Members Continued
Jen Pearson
Paulette Dunn
Lorraine Gray
Tracy Sidesinger
Gabriela Mora

Student Members

Becca LunaRay
Alexis Sorbara
Katie Larkin
Jenn Cardoso
Karl Semich
Madison Bachman

Emerging Professional Members
Julia Chandler
Janae McClure

Do you have news ISSTD members can use?

Please share your news with us! We need your help to make News You Can Use a great feature for ISSTD community members. Do you have a book or book chapter coming out about complex trauma or dissociation? Have you received an award for your work in the field? Have you been part of developing a new website or training course? Have you had a chance to develop something creative and unique that you wish to share with others in the field? If so, we want to hear from you! Don’t be shy, submit your news to us so that we can share with other members. (Please be aware: we do not offer book reviews, but a chance to share with others that your book has been published.)

Send to ISSTD News Editor, Alexis Arbuthnott:
Submission Deadline: 20th of the month