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Proposal to the Field: Fourth Phase in Treatment of Dissociation Protocol

In the field of complex trauma and dissociative disorders we are accustomed to conceptualizing our work through the lens of a three-phase treatment model which includes: safety and stabilization, processing of traumatic memories and integration/new life as one integrated self. However, in my clinical practice I have found it useful to conceptualize the treatment as […]

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ISSTD Connecting with Other Organizations

ISSTD traveled to sunny California this year to exhibit at two conferences and spread the word about ISSTD’s incredible membership benefits and training opportunities. ISSTD staff and members attended the Institute on Violence Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) San Diego conference and the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) conference in Orange County. At IVAT, ISSTD Past Presidents […]

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Committee Spotlight

Student & Emerging Professionals Committee Update

It has been another exciting year for our Student and Emerging Professionals (SEP) Committee. Some of the highlights have included the events at our Annual Conference, our ongoing SEP Discussion Forum, and the many learning opportunities that continue to be available for our members. At the Annual Conference in New York, we had a lunch […]

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2020 Annual Conference

Pre-Conference Workshops

Planning for the 2020 Annual Conference is in full swing. The Annual Conference Committee has been hard at work putting together a powerful speaker lineup. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal during the Call for Submission period. Our dedicated team of reviewers is now examining all submissions and we anticipate having final decisions […]

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Publications of Interest

Attachment, Trauma and Dissociation

This quarter POI focuses on the relationship between attachment, trauma and dissociation with a selection of recent publications. Note that the first two articles on the list are available free to members. I hope you enjoy reading this. If you have any ideas for themes for POI make sure you let me know at […]

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Students & Emerging Professionals

An Emerging Professional Takes on the Challenges of Remote Community Work

This month as we focus on the activity of our Student and Emerging Professionals, I was lucky to be able to interview a very inspirational emerging professional, Natina Demetriou, an Australian Provisional Psychologist, who has recently joined ISSTD. Natina lives and practices in remote communities in the Northern Territory of Australia. KM: Could you start […]

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