ISSTD Launching New Regional Online Communites

Are you in a corner of the world that lacks an organized, local ISSTD presence? Or maybe you’ve had some contact with ISSTD in your region and would like to build on that. Do you feel passionate about creating an ISSTD online community that can connect around issues that matter in your area? Here is your chance!

We are pleased to announcement the roll-out of Regional Online Communities (ROCs), hosted on ISSTDWorld. To start a ROC, the first thing you need to do is to find other ISSTD members—or non-members who would like to join ISSTD—who are also in your city, state, province, or country. Read over the ISSTD requirements and application step to create an ROC, then click the link below to fill out the application. To recruit members quickly for a new ROC, you can announce it through ISSTD News or by posting a member announcement in the ISSTDWorld Member Forum.

Requirements for proposing a new ROC:

1) A minimum of 6 (six) members, including the Applicant and Community Moderator, are needed to form the ROC.

2) All members of the proposed ROC must be ISSTD dues-paying members with an active membership. Please submit the list of proposed members to ISSTD Headquarters via the link in the ROC application.

To recruit members quickly to form a new ROC, you may either advertise it, free of charge, in ISSTD News or send a member announcement via ISSTDWorld.

Application Steps:

  1. Submit application to ISSTD Headquarters: Regional Online Community Application
  2. ISSTD Staff will verify membership status and compliance with requirements established by the ISSTD Board.
  3. If information on your application is missing or unclear, ISSTD Staff will reach out to the ROC applicant for clarification.
  4. ISSTD Staff will forward application to the ISSTD Board of Directors once a completed application is received.
  5. ISSTD Board of Directors votes to approve or decline the proposed ROC based on information received.
  6. The ROC Applicant is notified of the Board’s decision, whether in the form of an approval or other feedback.
  7. The new ROC is established; a training will be scheduled with ISSTD Staff on ROC Guidelines, the use of Communities in ISSTDWorld, Moderator responsibilities, and ROC membership retention.

Your application will be reviewed by the ISSTD Board of Directors. An approval or further feedback will be forthcoming within ten (10) business days.

Regional Online Community Application