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Prostitution, Modern Sexual Slavery, Sex Trafficking and Bondage of the Human Mind: A Reflection Regarding Our Times

E Hitchcock Scott, PhD, LPCC917

Other than TV, the first time I heard about sex for hire, I was sixteen years old. I had just interviewed for my first job. During the interview, I quickly decided that I was not interested in the advertised role of emptying vender machines. As I was preparing to leave the interviewer said, “I have an escort service”. When I asked what that meant he explained, “All you have to do is get dressed up and go out with men for dinner and a show.

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Clinical E-Journal

Invitation to Submit Articles to Frontiers

Andreas Laddis, Co-Editor

How to submit an article to Frontiers

Frontiers is here! How did you like it? Steve Frankel and I, Co-Editors of Frontiers in the Psychotherapy of Trauma and Dissociation, welcome your comments, judgments and suggestions. You may send them to or

Invitation to submit articles

We are eager to host articles from ISSTD members. Frontiers also welcomes articles from colleagues outside our Society, but we count on our members for a stream of thoughtful reports on your little clinical triumphs, your insights and improvisations.

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Welcome New Members (February – April)

Mark E. Babcock
Lori Bellan
Kate Brainard-Lee
James Bunting
Jim Caldwell
Jonathan Cleveland
James Counsellor
Amber Davies
Elizabeth Davis
Amanda Ellis
Laura Epstein
Jeff N. Gilchrist
Karen Gutherless
Beth Ellen Hancock
Lynne Harris
Mobina Hasan
Elizabeth Hess
Deborah L. Horan
Tamra Hughes
Jane Jacobs
Lauren E. Jones
Gail Kalin
Robert John Kennerley
Vivien King
Jamie D. Kirkpatrick
Zoe Ambre Landers
Ron James Llewelyn
Ian MacDonald
Lars Madsen
Dana Martin
Sheryl Martin
Gordon Francis McCauley
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Letter From The President

January 2017 President’s Letter

Martin Dorahy, ISSTD President

Dear ISSTD colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to not only our first newsletter of 2017, but our first newsletter in a blog format. It shows the ongoing developments within ISSTD as we work to provide up-to-date information on multiple social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), through annual and regional conferences along with webinars, and through different publication outlets, including this newsletter blog, our official scientific journal, the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, and our soon-to-be published clinical E-Journal, Frontiers in the Psychotherapy of Trauma & Dissociation.

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