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News You Can Use – January, 2024

The 2024 Institutional Courage Research Grant is Accepting Applications

The Center for Institutional courage is committed to sharing and supporting scientific research that already exists and producing new research that focuses on institutional courage, institutional betrayal, betrayal trauma, cultural betrayal trauma and DARVO. The 2024 Institutional Courage Research Grant is accepting applications until April 1, 2024. The goal of this grant program is to, “Fund research on institutional courage and institutional betrayal, with a particular interest in funding previously unstudied institutions and/or marginalized populations.’ You can learn more about the grant as well as application instructions here.

New Journal Article: A Hard Reduction Framework for Integrated Treatment of Co-Occuring Opioid Use Disorder and Trauma-Related Disorders

This month a new article by ISSTD Board Member Ben Israel, ISSTD Journal of Trauma & Dissociation Editor, Julian Ford and Annabelle Belcher was published in the Journal of Dual Diagnosis. Learn more here.

European Society for Trauma and Dissociation Accepting Abstracts until February 29, 2024

The 9th International ESTD Congress will be held on October 10-12, 2024 in Katowice Poland. The title of the congress is, “From diagnosis to treatment: recognizing complex trauma and dissociation.” They are currently accepting abstracts that, “focus on the assessment of complex trauma and dissociation. diagnostic dilemmas, treatment planning and therapeutic interventions, as well as new approaches to therapy of complex trauma.” Learn more here.

Welcome to ISSTD’s New Members in January!

Professional Members
Michael Johnson
Leigh Ann Greenfield
Heather Dunn
Cheryl Hart
Krista Shackleford
Jaime Parker
Hana Vojtov√°
Marlene Steinberg
Melena Saddler
Lilia Macon
Lori Lewing
Katherine Techentin
Tiffani Donelli
Jessica Matthews
Elizabeth Ogren
Paik-Yee Ng
Loralee Carter
Angela Harris
Signe Alexander
Miyako Nishi
Diane Di Grazia
Maria Grimshaw-Clark
Mark Whitinger
Susan Gould
Nicole Eul
Professional Members Continued
Leigh Ojeda
Suzanne Wood
Frances Chen
Elise Gaul
Christina Dono
Christina Ercoli
Rhonda Bryhn
Norah Lewis
Kaye Wolland
Carol Mettus
Melissa Hannan
Katharine Martin
Christopher Bennett
Marika Paquin

Student Members
Dale F Pushee
Stephanie Beguin-Howard
Heather Mazey
Bridget Hennah
Jennifer Simic
Erin Selinger

Emerging Professional Members
Lauren Hamrick
Brittany Mendez
Ashley Malka

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