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Your Gift Makes a Difference. Thank You to Those who Have Donated in 2024!

When you donate to ISSTD, you are actively supporting the ISSTD’s mission and contributing towards furthering education and research within the field of trauma and dissociation. ISSTD has five different funds you can choose to support. Continue reading to learn more about the ways you can support ISSTD as well as others within the field.  

The first fund, the General Fund, is used to expand ISSTD programming, including training and education, research and member benefits. In recent years, money raised from the general fund has been used to introduce new technology platforms, grow online training offerings, expand student and emerging professional membership, and much more!

In 2024, ISSTD is continuing our recurring donor program, the Mosaic Society, which recognizes all those who establish monthly donations of $15 or more to the General Fund.

The first of our dedicated funds for research and education is the David Caul Graduate Research Fund, which is designed to support research that is primarily concerned with dissociation or closely related topics. Applications for this fund are open each year in May, and ISSTD awards up to $3000 annually to fund graduate and undergraduate honors student research projects.

The next fund, the Fridley Fund, was created to defray the cost of one training activity offered through ISSTD for students who would otherwise be unable to obtain appropriate instruction in the treatment of complex trauma and dissociation. ISSTD will have its first call for applications for this Fund in 2024.

The third dedicated fund, the Research and Education Fund, (formerly the Development Fund) was created to support education, assessment, treatment, research and awareness of dissociative disorders. The fund was established to address the scarcity of education and research in the area of complex trauma and recovery. This fund is available to professionals, including clinicians and researchers, and we anticipate having our first call for applications for this fund in 2024.

The final fund is the Goodwin Educational Fund, which was created to defray the cost of one training activity offered through ISSTD for professionals who would otherwise be unable to obtain appropriate instruction in the treatment of complex trauma and dissociation.

In addition to donations to our five funds, ISSTD is accepting pledges for our Member Sponsorship Program from those wishing to sponsor an individual or individuals’ ISSTD membership(s)! By sponsoring a member, you will actively contribute to the professional development and success of a new member. Sponsorship also helps in cultivating a strong sense of international camaraderie and community within the Society. When members support and uplift each other, it creates a community that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective advancement. 

Please note, at this time, we have received 40 applications for a sponsored ISSTD membership, and we have received 18 pledges to sponsor a member. Learn more and submit your pledge here.

Thank you to those who have donated in 2024

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to ISSTD in 2024. By donating to ISSTD, you help the Society continue to grow, and we appreciate your support.

General Fund
Stephanie Beguin-Howard
Krista Behrens
Daniel Caycedo
Elizabeth Chalenburg
Coral Compagnoni
Michelle Costanzo
Elizabeth Davis
Paul Dell
Bruce Deveau
Gleda Edwards
Jessica Garrett
Anne Gill
Sara Glass
Jennifer Gomez
Susan Gould
Edward Groenendal
Erin Haley
Philip Harford
Angela Harris
HL Himes
Elizabeth Howell
Susan Hykes
Benjamin Israel
Sheldon Itzkowitz
Finnja Janknecht
Connie Johnshoy-Currie
Urszula Kelley
Joan Keltgen-Lo
Lisa Lewis
Kathia Lopez Murdock
Elizabeth Low
Jodie Maccarrone
JoAnn Majesky
Carol Mettus
Ryoko Moriguchi
Sherri Park
Danielle Parsons
Abigail Percifield
Graham Pringle
Diane Racz
Danuta Rajska
Casey Richman
Michael Salter
Karl Semich
Shielagh Shusta Hochberg
Beth Steinberg
Patti van Eys

Mosaic Society
Andra Bruce
Jonathan Cleveland
Mosaic Society Continued
Lawrence Compagnoni
Coral Compagnoni
D. Michael Coy
Brad Foote
Mary Pat Hanlin
Jillian Hosey
Ashley Houston
Susan Hykes
Sheldon Itzkowitz
Peter Maves
Valerie Sinason
Cheri Yadon

David Caul Graduate Research Fund

Shelley Hua

Research & Education Fund
Lawrence Compagnoni
Christine Forner
Mark Grant
Kathia Lopez Murdock
Cindy Robinson
Patti van Eys
Edward Groenendal

Fridley Fund

Goodwin Fund
Elizabeth Bowman
Deborah Cohen
Coral Compagnoni
D Michael Coy
Lisa Danylchuk
Elizabeth Davis
Bruce Deveau
Marcia Dunn
Ellie Fields
Erin Haley
Mary Pat Hanlin
Anne Kanters
Therese Killeen
Peggy Kolodny
Richard Loewenstein
Mary McDowell
Graham Pringle
Lynette Schwarz Danylchuk
Karl Semich
Shielagh Shusta Hochberg
Beth Steinberg
Joanne Twombly
Angela Viesca