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Letter From The President

Acknowledging the Hard Work of our Society Members

Kevin Connors, MS, MFT

John Kennedy stirred millions with; “Ask not what America can do for you, but what you can do for America.” I invite you to consider what you can do for ISSTD and for the field of trauma treatment.

ISSTD is, at our heart, a volunteer-based organization. While we enjoy working with some of the finest association management executives and staff (Mary Pat Hanlin, Bethany Bjur, Therese Clemens in recent memory), we need to stay mindful of the breadth and range of our endeavors.

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Clinical E-Journal

JTD and Frontiers Table of Contents (June 2018)

Journal of Trauma & Dissociation

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Table of Contents
Volume 19, Issue 1
Volume 19, Issue 2
Volume 19, Issue 3
Volume 19, Issue 4
Volume 18, Issue 5

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News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Kate McMaugh, Editor, ISSTD News

New Book Explores the Critical Role of Relationships in Trauma Recovery.

ISSTD Fellow Robert T. Muller PhD, CPsych, has just published his second book on trauma and relationships: Trauma and the Struggle to Open Up. Like his first very popular book Trauma and the Avoidant Client, this latest book particularly focuses on the challenges for a trauma survivor in fully participating in intimate and healing relationships.

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Donate to ISSTD

35 for 35th Donation Campaign Update & Donor List (June 2018)

The 35 for the 35th Donation Campaign in now in full swing! Our goal is to raise $35,000 by December 31, 2018. The funds raised from the campaign will help with a full redesign of the the ISSTD website including the introduction of a new member community, expansion of our virtual training program including webinars and teleseminar training courses, and the expansion of opportunities for students and emerging professionals.

As of June 30, we have raised $8,390.70 from 70 donors.

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Focus on ISSTD History

An Interview with Richard Kluft, MD

An Interview with Richard Kluft MD, 
13th December 2017
Selected Excerpts
Warwick Middleton MD, Past-President, ISSTD

WM: Is there anything, when you look back at your formative childhood years…that predisposed you to end up with the career path that you took?

RPK: I have asked myself that only every day. (Laughs) You know I was never pushed to go into medicine, but I experienced the kind of pressure that children of doctors know all too well.

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Committee Spotlight

ISSTD-UN Taskforce

Karen Hopenwasser, MD, ISSTD Representative to the UN

The ISSTD UN Taskforce consists of:

Lynette S. Danylchuk, PhD Chair
Karen Hopenwasser, MD
Vivien Pender, MD
Christa Kruger, MD
Lisa Danylchuk, MFT
Victor Welzant, PsyD

Together we work to develop our collaborative relationship with the UN.

In mid 2017, the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) granted ISSTD special consultative status. This enables us to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the United Nations Secretariat programs, and with Member States and the United Nations system at large.

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Even more SIGs being formed!

Kate McMaugh, Editor, ISSTD News

Just last month we brought you news of three new potential Special Interest Groups (SIGs). We now have two other SIGs being developed.

For those of you unaware of the role of SIGs in ISSTD, these groups provide ISSTD members with information and support targeted to specific areas within the trauma and dissociation field. Developed by members, for members, they are open to all ISSTD Members who share that interest.

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Regional Conferences

ISSTD Regional Conference – New York City, October 5, 2018

Join ISSTD for “Relational Healing in Complex Trauma and Dissociation: Psychoanalytic and Integrationist Perspectives”, an ISSTD Regional Conference in New York City on October 5!

The day will kick off with “Six Relational Crises: The Relational Healing of Complex Trauma” with Philip Kinsler. Dr. Kinsler will examine six choice points in the therapy of chronically traumatized patients that present relational challenges, including presentation of countertransference struggles throughout the process.

After a brief break, the conference will reconvene with Sheldon Itzkowitz’s presentation, “An Interpersonal-Relational Approach to Working with Critical and Aggressive Dissociated Self States”.

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Publications of Interest

Childhood Trauma’s Impact on Sexual and Gender Minorities

Lynn Hazard, LCSW, POI Editor

For the second quarter, the overall theme is childhood trauma’s impact on sexual and gender minorities. There is a higher risk for polyvictimization and serious adverse mental health outcomes for these groups. The trauma field around the world is gradually increasing research in this area.

Clements-Nolle, K., Lensch, R., Baxa, A., (2018). Sexual Identity, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Suicidal Behaviors. Journal of Adolescent Health, 62(32), pp.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Spotlight on Volunteer: Susan Hykes

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was raised in Lorain, Ohio, and am a graduate of the University of Michigan (1963) with a BA in Mathematics. I worked for IBM and moved to Oklahoma. I ‘retired’ to raise five children -two adopted children from my first marriage and three step-children from my second marriage.

I’ve been sober since 1970. After my second divorce it was suggested by a pastor and a good friend that I become a counselor.

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