Even more SIGs being formed!

Just last month we brought you news of three new potential Special Interest Groups (SIGs). We now have two other SIGs being developed. For those of you unaware of the role of SIGs in ISSTD, these groups provide ISSTD members with information and support targeted to specific areas within the trauma and dissociation field. Developed by members, for members, they are open to all ISSTD Members who share that interest. These forums are a great source of collegiate support and active forums for education and information-sharing. SIGs are also active in planning webinars and developing conference presentations. In order to move ahead and establish new SIGs we need to see if there are enough interested members. If you are interested in participating in any of these new SIGs, please email the contact for the group. MD SIG The mission of this potential SIG is to provide a forum for MDs working with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative disorders. The SIG would aim to:

  • share information about current and emerging treatment options;
  • share experiences working with these challenging patients;
  • investigate ways of promoting MD awareness and education about these disorders; and
  • provide peer support and peer consultation.

Those interested in joining the SIG may contact Heather Hall at Vicarious Trauma and Self Care SIG Clinical work in trauma field, with all its excitement and satisfaction, carries risks and burdens for the professionals involved in the form of vicarious trauma. Even though there has been some research done on vicarious trauma, our day to day awareness of it is still very new. Additionally, the rate of burnout in our profession suggests that we are not adequately equipped to deal with this issue yet. Therefore, the Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care SIG seeks to create an open forum for ISSTD members to discuss, share, learn, practice and research about:

  1. the impact of clinical work with trauma on their personal selves; and
  2. strategies, tools, & protocols to protect and sustain one’s self in the long-term career of a trauma professional.

In addition, this SIG will work on raising awareness of and attention to the vicarious trauma in our clinical/research field. As this is a new SIG there is space for the scope and mission of the group to evolve as it gains in membership and is shaped by members’ specific interests. If interested in joining, please contact: Irina V Diyankova, Ph.D: For more information about the other three SIGs being formed click here. In addition, don’t forget that ISSTD already has three vibrant and active SIGs. For more information about these SIGs please contact: