Creative Space

Creative Space: A Place for our Creative Selves

I welcome you to this new part of our newsletter – a creative inclusion to act as an interlude perhaps, a breathing space to share the creations of our imagination – retrieving the light within the dark unconscious creative self, for the sharing makes it brighter. To express ourselves in ways that defy rational appraisal is the gift of the creative process. It is the soul of our work, it is the humanity of the way we see another, it is the breathful way of holding space, of following another’s not knowingness, of loving non judgmentally. My name is Noula Diamantopoulos, a member of ISSTD, and now your editor for this new column. I am honoured to bring to the surface of these pages the many and varied beautiful creative ways of our members. I cannot say how this will play over time, but play out is all I wish for. The inevitable inner child deems it so! This month we are focusing on poetry which is minimal, but meaningful, poems which may have few words, but which encourage one to sit and reflect. I begin this Interlude with a piece of my own work: a neon sign that was in a group exhibition called #allthefeels. It’s not only a graphic, but also a poem. We continue with an example of what we think may be ISSTD’s first ever haiku, originally written by Jean Goodwin, when attending an ISSTD Annual Conference in 1983. (Originally published in O’Neil (Ed) From organizational infancy to early adulthood, 1983-2003: Celebrating our 20th Anniversary, ISSTD, 2003.) I then conclude with some more modern takes on this briefest of poetry forms, I hope you enjoy this ‘interlude’ and I look forward to contributions from members, be they poetry, short creative pieces or visual representations. Please send submissions of your creative self to Noula Diamantopoulos, Editor

It is a request and a reminder to all of us to: simply ‘be love’ and when we are, we will be loved… dear beloved. By Noula Diamantopoulos

Chicago Baroque: Where drawbridge meets skyscraper And concrete comes carved. By Jean Goodwin

Elegant Bengal, beartrapped. Killer. Rescue risks Tiger-person pair. By Kathy Downing

Arrow! Danger coming Watch out Brother Please – do be careful Arrow!

Red Blazing, commanding Like my blood Deep, dark, inner, flowing Red.

Clouds Sailing by Quiet fluffy cushions Resting places for me Clouds. By Julia Bry Schwab