Month: October 2022

Letter From The President

Australia-New Zealand Regional Conference Promises Learning & a Chance to Meet in Person

Dear ISSTD Community,As we approach the end of 2022 I want to thank you for your involvement with the ISSTD. Each member, volunteer, and staff person comes together to create this wonderful community that becomes a professional home for so many of us. Thank you for your presence here.We aren’t quite done with the year […]

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2023 Board of Directors Elections Now Open!

We are at that important time of the year where the ISSTD seeks your input in determining the leadership of the Society. Our Board elections are a crucial part of our functioning, and we invite you to get involved in voting. Please review the Board approved list of candidates nominated to fill the vacancies in […]

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Regional Online Communities

ISSTD Welcomes the Formation of an Australia-New Zealand Regional Online Community

Back in 2020, the ISSTD launched Regional Online Communities (ROCs) as a new member benefit. These are – as the name implies – online communities hosted by ISSTD which allow for groups to network, support each other, and hold regional activities. While the idea was conceived prior to the pandemic, ROCs are certainly a concept […]

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Call for Proposals Open for Outside Conferences

As part of ISSTD’s 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, we want to support you to spread the knowledge of trauma and dissociation at other conferences! In order to facilitate this goal ISSTD will be periodically sharing information about open call for proposals for submissions at other conferences in the field. Below please find information about submissions that […]

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Virtual Conferences

Poet’s Corner Recital at ISSTD’s Virtual Conference

Poet’s Corner is an organic grouping of ISSTD members who share with each other poems that they have created, and which frequently encompass themes related to member’s work as trauma-informed therapists. On occasions the group come together for online recitals to share such productions with the wider ISSTD community. These poems then become available for […]

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Research Recruitment

Recruitment of Research Participants

For a research project entitled: “Assessment, Diagnosis And Clinical Utility Of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) In Clinical Practice Since The Publication Of The Icd-11 Category In 2019: A Qualitative Analysis  Of International Clinician Perspectives” Jessica Thomson is conducting research in order to fufill her BSc (HONS) Psychology degree requirements at Arden University under […]

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Committee to the UN

Committee to the UN

The ISSTD United Nations Committee continues to participate in virtual meetings related to United Nations activities. While the UN has begun some in-person activity, we remain virtual and that is making it more difficult to do the same kind of networking that predated the COVID pandemic. In February 2022 we co-sponsored a web presentation, Knowing […]

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News You Can Use

My Therapy Journal Offers Creative Support to Clients

Do you have clients that forget their ‘homework’? Forget the entire session? Do you have clients who earnestly take notes in therapy, or collect your handouts, only to lose them somewhere that week? If so, ISSTD Member Dr Neva Shebini, Consultant Psychiatrist, has developed a therapy journal that may offer your clients a solution. My […]

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