Letter From The CEO – Membership Renewal System & Membership Rates

Dear ISSTD Members,

As 2022 winds down and we prepare for 2023, we want to make you aware of two upcoming changes that will affect all members: the introduction of a new membership system in November 2022 and the increase in membership fees in January 2023.

Introduction of New Membership System
For the past few years, we have seen a decline in the system that members use to renew their membership and control their membership profile. This has led to a number of challenges for members when they go to renew their membership and an increase in the need for memberships to be manually renewed. We have heard your frustrations and are thrilled to announce that we will be changing membership systems in late November 2022.

The new system will be much more user friendly and members will now have the option of one-year, two-year and automatically renewing memberships in the new system. The system will automatically detect your country of residence and provide you with the correct tier of membership when renewing. We believe these changes will provide you with a much better membership experience.

At this time, we anticipate that we will make the switch to the new system the week of November 28, 2022. During the week prior to this and that week, members may experience periods where they are unable to renew, update their member profile, access their membership records, and access our member community, ISSTDWorld. We have tried to select a time to make this change where it will cause the least disruption. As with any technology implementation, we hope that the disruption will be minimal but we want to alert members in case the disruption is longer. Additional information about the switch will be sent closer to the date of the change and if there are prolonged disruptions.

With the switch to the new system, members will now have access to receipts for past purchases made in the current system after the new system is launched. We encourage all members who will need receipts from their membership renewal or donations made in 2022 to download these receipts before November 28.

Increase in Membership Fees
We also want to alert all members that pricing for one-year and auto-renewal Tier I memberships will increase just over 5% as of January 1, 2023. ISSTD has not raised its membership prices since January 2019 but during this time prices have risen over 16% due to inflation. During this time, ISSTD has left a management firm and gone independent, adjusted programming due to the realities of COVID-19 and added a full library of recorded content with the cost being free or reduced for members. In order to continue to offer the same benefits to members as we move forward we must increase prices to cover our increased costs. The Board of Directors and Finance Committee have worked to keep this increase as low as possible.

Below please find the updated one-year Tier I membership rates as well as the update price for a printed journal as of January 1, 2023.

Current Price – $115
2023 Price – $122

Emerging Professional
Current Price – $142
2023 Price – $150

Current Price – $237
2023 Price – $250

Current Price – $106
2023 Price – $112

Print Journal
Current Price – $27
2023 Price – $30

Membership rates will remain at their current rate until January 1, 2023 regardless of expiration date.Two-year membership rates will be introduced when the new membership system launches and these rates will include a discount of approximately 10% off the cost of two one-year memberships.

If you have any questions or concerns about the items above or membership in general, please email and a member of staff will be happy to assist. We look forward to providing an improved membership renewal experience and continuing to provide our members with high quality membership benefits.
Mary Pat Hanlin
Chief Executive Officer