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Letter From The President

Increasing Diversity: ISSTD Rising to the Challenge

Kevin Connors, MS, MFT

September is Student and Emerging Professional Month here at ISSTD, a month where we highlight and celebrate the work of this important member component.

I am particularly proud of the work done by incoming President Christine Forner in establishing and developing this vital group. Today this group is an active part of the ISSTD landscape with 200 Student and Emerging Professional Members. After many years of dynamic leadership, Christine has invited Christianna Flynn-Christianson to serve as co-chair of the Student and Emerging Professional Committee.

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News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Kate McMaugh, Editor, ISSTD News

ISSTD Member Tara Tulley, LCSW, LDEM has spoken on a podcast for Rational Faiths about her experience of organised abuse within the Mormon Community. Tara speaks of her personal experience of organised abuse within her LDS family and the wider community, as well as the journey that lead her to become a social worker, treating other survivors of abuse.

Tara and the other speakers discuss issues that survivors in Mormon communities face, and the difficulties LDS survivors face when they disclose the abuse.

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Clinical E-Journal

JTD and Frontiers Table of Contents (September 2018)

Journal of Trauma & Dissociation

Check out the entire library online of the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation – your member benefit – now!

Table of Contents
Volume 19, Issue 1
Volume 19, Issue 2
Volume 19, Issue 3
Volume 19, Issue 4
Volume 18, Issue 5

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Committee Spotlight

Student and Emerging Professional (SEP) Committee

Christine Forner, MSW, Chair, SEP Committee | Photos by Prof Warwick Middleton, MD

This has been another good year for our student and emerging professional (SEP) members. The three major highlights over the year are the annual conference, the launching of the SEP Discussion Forum and the Special Events offered for SEP members.

Some highlights from the annual conference include the lunch meeting, the poster sessions, the networking of students and senior members, the book give away and more.

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Students & Emerging Professionals

ISSTD Membership Supports SEP Member to Follow her Passion

Kate McMaugh, Editor, ISSTD News

Student member of ISSTD, Christianna Flynn-Christianson has developed an early career interest in the assessment and treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders. In this interview she speaks of the benefits she gains from her ISSTD Membership which enables her to focus on her particular areas of interest, something that is not adequately covered in general psychology training, even at the doctoral level.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

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Regional Conferences

First ever ISSTD Conference in New Zealand | Haere Mai o Otautahi (Welcome to Christchurch)

Diane Clare, Chair, Conference Coordinating Committee

ISSTD is excited to announce that from November 22nd-24th, 2019, it will offer its very first regional conference in New Zealand. Save the date as this conference promises to be something special.

The people of Christchurch, New Zealand would like to offer a warm welcome to ISSTD members and all conference attendees from around the world, with the Maori welcome: “Haere Mai o Otautahi”.

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Publications of Interest

Suicide, Trauma, and Dissociation

Lynn Hazard, LCSW, POI Editor

This quarter’s POI theme is suicide associated with trauma and/or dissociation. This is an important theme for me, after having lost two family members in less than one year to suicide – both having had histories of childhood trauma. Professionals and survivors need to be aware of the increased risks for, along with the correlations between, trauma and suicide. When someone can face the past, learn to appreciate themselves for having survived, and develop ways to self-regulate and integrate, then a path is opened to true healing.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Abigail Percifield

An Interview with Kate McMaugh, Editor, ISSTD News

ISSTD Member Abigail Percifield is well known to many of us through her various volunteer roles in ISSTD. What many may not realise is that Abigail is actually a Student Member of ISSTD and is currently completing her Doctoral studies! We think it is only too fitting, this being Student and Emerging Professional Month, to focus this month’s ‘Volunteer Spotlight’ on a member who is still a student.

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Students & Emerging Professionals

ISSTD Student Member Completes Exciting Doctoral Research

Kate McMaugh, Editor, ISSTD News

Mary-Anne Kate, a SEP member from Australia has just completed her PhD investigating the aetiology of dissociative disorders and an exploration of the validity of the trauma and fantasy models of dissociation. In this interview she speaks of the paths that took her to ISSTD, her experience of ISSTD as a SEP member, and gives a brief introduction to her research.

Q: Mary-Anne, you have such an interesting CV!

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