News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Tara Tulley at ISSTD Annual Conference, San Francisco

ISSTD Member Tara Tulley, LCSW, LDEM has spoken on a podcast for Rational Faiths about her experience of organised abuse within the Mormon Community. Tara speaks of her personal experience of organised abuse within her LDS family and the wider community, as well as the journey that lead her to become a social worker, treating other survivors of abuse. Tara and the other speakers discuss issues that survivors in Mormon communities face, and the difficulties LDS survivors face when they disclose the abuse. The Podcast also discussed the Pace Memorandum, the science of memory and the impact of lingering misconceptions left behind in the wake of the FMS advocacy. Tara explains that this advocacy is part of activism efforts in Utah to empower survivors and to spread awareness about the hidden abuse and human trafficking that occurs in Utah. Tara also explains that this is not a discussion that is against the LDS church or implicating them directly, but rather to help people understand the abuse that can occur within the experience of growing up in a Mormon home and culture around being a Mormon survivor. For those interested the podcast can be accessed here.

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