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Letter From The President

A Baker’s Dozen: New Things Your Society Is Doing

By Warwick, President, ISSTD

A lot is happening in our Society.

The ISSTD is about to launch its Clinical E-Journal, “Frontiers in the Psychotherapy of Trauma and Dissociation”, edited by Andreas Laddis and Steve Frankel. (Prof Martin Dorahy has chaired the E-Journal Task Force that has initially steered this development.)

The ISSTD Regional Seminar, “Treating the Intricate Trauma Client”, Langley, British Columbia, has introduced the use of the Zoom conference platform to livestream the opening “Dissociation 101” session, the first occasion that geographically remote colleagues will be able to join an ISSTD conference live.  » Read More

Board Briefs

Fall 2016 Board Briefs

Paula Thomson, PhD, ISSTD Board Member

Your board of directors is actively exploring ways to share the multiple gifts provided by your wonderful organization. Monthly meetings address the governance and mission of the organization, coupled with plans to expand education and research related to complex trauma and dissociation. Some of the activity highlights from your current board include:

Dr. Steven Frankel and Dr. Andreas Laddis, the new e-journal’s co-editors, are drafting plans for the inaugural edition.

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Members Clinical Corner

Measuring Trauma: Considerations for assessing complex and non-PTSD criterion for childhood trauma

In the “tradition” of having tested this format once before, this column presents three brief commentaries on the same article of the JTD. I am pleased to notice that the three commentaries are from different, even opposite angles.

Happy reading!

Pam Stavropoulos

Focus article:

McDonald, M.K., Brontrager, C.F. & Rostad, W. (2014) Measuring Trauma: Considerations for assessing complex and non-PTSD criterion for childhood trauma, Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, Vol.15 pp184-203

Expert Contributors: Na’ama Yehuda, Richard Hohfeler, Andreas Laddis

Commentary 1
Commentary by: Na’ama Yehuda

Many stressful experiences do not qualify as traumatic events according to the DSM-5’s PTSD diagnostic criteria, yet may be considered traumatic by those who have endured them (D’Andrea et al 2012, Felitti et al 1998).

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ISSTD Welcomes New Members

ISSTD is pleased to welcome the following new members to our Society who joined from July through September of this year.

Professional and Retired Members
Helen Lang (Australia)

Letizia Adorno (United States)
Lynne Magor-Blatch (Australia)

Kelly Araujo (United States)
Leanne Mairs (United States)

Christopher Beegle (United States)
Judith Marlow (United Kingdom)

Ken Benau (United States)
Sarah McGregor (Australia)

Martin Bendernagel (United States)
Julia Mitchell (United States)

Marianne Bourke (Australia)
Colleen Murray (United States)

Joe Bozic (United States)
Sara Norum (Canada)

Patricia Bratt (United States)
Sara Pace (United States)

Sherry Broadwell (United States)
Billie Pivnick (United States)

Theresa Buysse (United States)
Lisa Polenberg (United States)

Kyle Cheveldayoff (Canada)
Anastasia Pollock (United States)

John Chianelli (United States)
Alicia Portela (Argentina)

Alfred Chung (Australia)
Jenny Potzler (United States)

Diane Clare (New Zealand)
Laura Reagan (United States)

Colleen Clark (Canada)
Sarah Reed (United States)

April Clarke (United States)
Kristin Sheikh (United States)

Kirtan Coan (United States)
Robert Smith (United States)

Joanne Damico (United States)
Fred Strieder (United States)

Tiffany Darling (United States)
Bree Weizenegger (Australia)

Jane Edwards (Australia)
James Wickramasuriya (Australia)

Elisa Elkin Cleary (United States)
Annetta Wormald (United Kingdom)

Megan Foster (United States)

Gerri Framburg (United States)
Student Members

Ken Genlik (Canada)
Amanda Aynes (United States)

Yvette Goldurs (United States)
Lowen Clarke (Australia)

Cindy Hammonds (United States)
Genesis Gonzalez (United States)

Christine Hatchard (United States)
Ryan Harris (United States)

Karen Hennessy (United States)
Leah Keating (Canada)

Joe Hoffman (United States)
Yolanda Martín Higarza (Spain)

Patricia Jeffrey (United States)
Louis Moser (United States)

Catherine Jensen (United States)
Juliana Thomas (United States)

Corinne Kalat (United States)
Sarah Tillsley (Canada)

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Center for Advanced Studies in Trauma & Dissociation

Fall 2016 Regional Conference Update

The first 2016 Regional Conference was held in Langley, BC October 15-16. This two-day workshop featured presenters Christine Forner, Michael Dadson, Lisa Danylchuk, and Rochelle Sharpe- Lorashbe. As part of this conference, the opening session was livestreamed to allow participants outside the local area to view the presentation live. A total of 30 individuals participated in this exciting conference in person and online via Zoom.  ISSTD looks forward to offering a livestream option for future conferences.

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Center for Advanced Studies in Trauma & Dissociation

Introducing Hybrid Training Courses

ISSTD is excited to announce the introduction of a new type of course to our Professional Training Program – the hybrid course. These courses allow participants to participate either in-person with the instructor or via the computer using Zoom. Our first hybrid course launched in September in Chapel Hill, NC with instructor, Gary Peterson. A total of 20 individual – 4 in-person and 16 online—are participating in the inaugural course. Participants in the class come from all over the US as well as Canada and Australia.

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Annual Awards

2017 Annual Award Nominations Now Open

The ISSTD Awards Committee is currently accepting nominations for ISSTD Annual Awards and for ISSTD Fellow status to deserving recipients. Below please find information regarding the ISSTD awards categories and links to the Annual Awards and Fellow nomination application forms. The deadline for award nominations is December 31, 2016 at 11:59PM EST.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest recognition given to an individual or individuals who have contributed over a generous span of time to the field of dissociation and/ or trauma and the ISSTD.

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2017 Annual Conference

Conference Committee Update

We have reached a critical point in the planning for the 2017 Annual ISSTD Conference. Our plenary speakers have been confirmed, our pre & post conference workshops are lined-up. The Call for Submission has closed and we are starting the review process as a precursor to building the program schedule.

The review process is managed by the ISSTD Scientific Committee. Scientific Committee Chair Vedat Sar selects members of the Scientific Committee to serve as reviewers.

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