ISSTD Welcomes New Members

ISSTD is pleased to welcome the following new members to our Society who joined from July through September of this year.

Professional and Retired MembersHelen Lang (Australia)
Letizia Adorno (United States)Lynne Magor-Blatch (Australia)
Kelly Araujo (United States)Leanne Mairs (United States)
Christopher Beegle (United States)Judith Marlow (United Kingdom)
Ken Benau (United States)Sarah McGregor (Australia)
Martin Bendernagel (United States)Julia Mitchell (United States)
Marianne Bourke (Australia)Colleen Murray (United States)
Joe Bozic (United States)Sara Norum (Canada)
Patricia Bratt (United States)Sara Pace (United States)
Sherry Broadwell (United States)Billie Pivnick (United States)
Theresa Buysse (United States)Lisa Polenberg (United States)
Kyle Cheveldayoff (Canada)Anastasia Pollock (United States)
John Chianelli (United States)Alicia Portela (Argentina)
Alfred Chung (Australia)Jenny Potzler (United States)
Diane Clare (New Zealand)Laura Reagan (United States)
Colleen Clark (Canada)Sarah Reed (United States)
April Clarke (United States)Kristin Sheikh (United States)
Kirtan Coan (United States)Robert Smith (United States)
Joanne Damico (United States)Fred Strieder (United States)
Tiffany Darling (United States)Bree Weizenegger (Australia)
Jane Edwards (Australia)James Wickramasuriya (Australia)
Elisa Elkin Cleary (United States)Annetta Wormald (United Kingdom)
Megan Foster (United States)
Gerri Framburg (United States)Student Members
Ken Genlik (Canada)Amanda Aynes (United States)
Yvette Goldurs (United States)Lowen Clarke (Australia)
Cindy Hammonds (United States)Genesis Gonzalez (United States)
Christine Hatchard (United States)Ryan Harris (United States)
Karen Hennessy (United States)Leah Keating (Canada)
Joe Hoffman (United States)Yolanda Martín Higarza (Spain)
Patricia Jeffrey (United States)Louis Moser (United States)
Catherine Jensen (United States)Juliana Thomas (United States)
Corinne Kalat (United States)Sarah Tillsley (Canada)