Letter From The President

Welcoming Students and Emerging Professionals to ISSTD

Dear ISSTD Community, 

How did you become aware of the ISSTD? I learned about it at a young age, and attended my first conference when I was an undergraduate student at UCLA. I recall appreciating the wisdom and depth of the presenters and attendees – and seeing very few people my age in the mix!

A few years later the Student and Emerging Professionals (SEP) Committee was born, which became a home for me as I got licensed and started my private practice. With Christine Forner at the helm, Misty Brigham and I chipped in to recruit other people to join the committee. Connecting with people who were facing similar opportunities and challenges during this time of transition gave me a sense of community and support that was priceless.

Eventually, I moved past the emerging stage, and new students and emerging professionals took on leadership of the committee. We now have a vibrant group of people who support each other, as well as support and contribute to the ISSTD. 

Do you know any students or emerging professionals who would like to join the ISSTD, and the SEP Committee? If so, I encourage you to invite them in, and connect them with SEP committee so that they, too, can benefit from the support it provides.

The ISSTD is gearing up for a rich array of offerings this season, complete with SEP and other committee and Special Interest Group (SIG) opportunities for connection. I hope to see you soon, in Arizona, Melbourne, or online our Virtual Conference October 22-23! 


Lisa Danylchuk, M.Ed. LMFT

ISSTD 2022 President