Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight

Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight – November 2020

This month’s Volunteer Position Spotlight shines on the opportunity to become a Committee Member with the ISSTD Membership Committee! 

The ISSTD Membership Committee is looking for new members to join the team. The Membership Committee plays a large role in promoting the ISSTD as the foremost place to learn about & study the phenomenology, diagnosis and treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociation. The Membership Committee specifically focuses on membership growth and the expansion of the ISSTD’s presence on a global level; supporting the ongoing growth and development of the ISSTD as a community of dedicated volunteers and staff; and, building alliances with external stakeholders including universities, treatment organizations, and not-for-profit organizations.

The tasks of a Membership Committee member vary, with the main goal of fostering relationships and expanding membership, which includes increasing the diversity of the ISSTD’s membership.  This role embraces the creation and fostering of both new and old relationships with practitioners, researchers, and other potential members in countries that may not have much representation in the ISSTD. In this role, you will also have the opportunity to build on or use your marketing, communication, and relationship management skills. Meetings occur quarterly on Fridays at 3:00pm EST. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in being a part of, please click here for more information about this opportunity and how to apply.

We welcome all members to apply. We would love to hear from you!