Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight

Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight: ISSTDWorld Member Forum Moderator

This month’s Volunteer Position Spotlight shines on the opportunity to become an ISSTDWorld Member Forum Moderator! This is wonderful opportunity open to all ISSTD Members, who have some experience and comfort using technology, have an eye for detail, and are acquainted with the ISSTDWorld guidelines. The length of this position is one year, with up to three consecutive terms.

ISSTD is looking for two moderators to assist with encouraging and reviewing posts and discussion in the ISSTDWorld Member Forum! ISSTDWorld is the online member community platform for the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, where members can connect and collaborate.

In this role, volunteers will be responsible for:

  • Encourage discussion in the Member Forum on new research and clinical topics
  • Monitoring posts on ISSTDWorld Member Forum to ensure compliance with the ISSTDWorld Guidelines.
  • Flag any inappropriate posts or posts violating the guidelines.
  • Review posts flagged as inappropriate by other members to determine if they are in violation of the guidelines.
  • Communicate with individuals whose posts are in violation of the guidelines to explain why the post was removed.
  • Compile and post monthly classified ad posting in Member Forum based on submissions to the Classified Ad Form

If this sounds like something you would be interested in being a part of, please visit the ISSTD’s Volunteer Match page to explore this opportunity in more details and how to apply, please click here to explore this opportunity. Please note you will need to log in to ISSTDWorld to view and apply for this opportunity.

We welcome all members to apply. We would love to hear from you!