Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Opportunities for ISSTD News

Wanting to hone those writing skills? Ever wanted to co-ordinate a regular feature of a publication? ISSTD News is looking for assistance from members who want to be engaged in helping this rapidly developing publication continue to flourish.
Opportunities to Co-ordinate a Feature
Feature Coordinators, with the support and direction of the ISSTD News Editor and the Board of ISSTD News, seek content for our regular features; liaise with writers; edit content; and may sometimes choose to write for the feature themselves.

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

Coordinator, International Spotlight. International Spotlight is a regular quarterly feature which focuses on the trauma and dissociation field in a particular country around the world. This is an exciting chance to liaise with trauma and dissociation specialists from around the world.

Coordinator, Volunteer Spotlight. This quarterly feature showcases the work of our valuable volunteers within ISSTD. This is a chance to work with volunteers from around the world to honour their work and promote their projects. Once a year (December) we also do a general piece on volunteering for ISSTD to commemorate International Volunteer Day.

Coordinator, Kid’s Korner. We are seeking someone with skills and experience in working with child and adolescent clients to coordinate a quarterly feature on work in this exciting and valuable area. This Coordinator will liaise with our members who work with children and teenagers, including our Child and Adolescent SIG and Committee as well as the child and adolescent training group to make sure that regular articles on this area of work are part of ISSTD News.

Coordinator, “What it was like when…” This is a new quarterly feature of ISSTD, focussing on our own history. The Coordinator will be part of launching this new feature to coincide with and commemorate our 35th anniversary. This feature will contain pictures or articles to commemorate past activities and people of ISSTD. We hope this will be a fun column filled with brief snippets, anecdotes or photos which tell a story of … younger days… but will also remind us of our rich and valuable history.

Coordinator, Spreading the Word. We know that trauma and dissociation impact on all areas of health but surprisingly this is under-estimated in many areas of health and welfare. One of the goals of ISSTD is to inform, educate and support the wider health community. This new quarterly column aims to keep us informed of activities in which ISSTD members aim to ‘spread the word’ about trauma and dissociation research and clinical practice to those who work in other health fields. We hope this Coordinator will be someone willing to liaise with and collaborate with members across the globe and promote their ground-breaking work.

Writing Opportunities:
Writing Opportunities Abound! Are you a novice writer and not sure where to start? Well, start with us. ISSTD News aims to publish brief and newsy articles ranging from 300 – 1000 words (in most cases). Our style is more informal and newsy than a professional journal, making us a great place to start your professional writing career. Our feature coordinators can work with you to shape your piece.

If you are an experienced writer we also welcome your articles. This may be a chance to promote your latest project or it may be a chance to briefly summarise some of your longer articles or books to reach an audience of dedicated trauma and dissociation specialists.

We seek contributors for:

  • Current news items in your region – Have you published a book? Developed a new training course? Is there an exciting new project or initiative in your part of the world? Please let us know.
  • International Spotlight – up to 1500 words featuring trauma and dissociation work in some part of the world. Why not share what it is like to work in the field in your country?
  • Kid’s Korner – approximately 500 – 1000 words on all issues pertaining to therapy with children and adolescents who experience a dissociative disorder
  • Volunteer Spotlight – approximately 500 -1000 words featuring a member of ISSTD who has volunteered in our society.
  • Members’ Clinical Corner – approximately 1000 words commenting on, discussing or critiquing an article previously published in JTD or “Frontiers”. Ideas for Members’ Clinical Corner are to go to Pam Stavropolous at
  • Publications of Interest – have you read an interesting article lately? Perhaps you have recently published an article? This is the chance for the article to be promoted. Each quarter lists interesting publications within a theme. Ideas for POI articles or themes are to go to Lynn Hazard at
  • “Creative Arts Column” – seeking poetry, pictures of original artwork, or articles about creative therapies of up to 1000 words. The coordinator of this feature, Noula Diamantopoulos, can be contacted to discuss themes and ideas at:

ISSTD News does not accept unsolicited articles, so please contact us and discuss an idea first. Articles should be written by members but we do occasionally accept an article co-authored with a non-member.

If you are interested in any of these coordination or writing opportunities please contact ISSTD News Editor – Kate McMaugh at