Virtual Book Club

Virtual Book Club in 2022

The VBC is transitioning recently as one of our moderators, Joan Haliburn MD, is retiring, and we welcome Nicole Black to our team. We are also endeavoring to plan our discussions as much as we can before the beginning of each calendar year so that all of you can plan ahead as well. Each year intends to include one book for which we typically try to get publisher discounts, and three to four journal articles that we can access free of charge to you. 

In the coming year the VBC will be offering one book and three articles to discuss with their respective authors. The book discussion will span the months of mid-January through mid-March 2022. We will be focusing on Trauma Model Therapy: A Treatment Approach for Trauma, Dissociation and Complex Comorbidity by Colin Ross and Naomi Halpern. This book was chosen as a natural segue from our current discussion of the 2011 ISSTD Adult Treatment Guidelines in an effort to be of assistance to many new members who are new to this kind of treatment, but also to be clarifying for those who are more seasoned. Registration for this book club is available here.

Our articles in the coming year will follow the 2022 conference theme of systemic trauma in our world’s institutions and various cultures. We have several articles in mind and are awaiting confirmation with their authors. These will be announced early this next year. We always welcome suggestions from members for reading material, so please give us your ideas!

We are also looking for volunteer moderators who are seasoned therapists and have a significant knowledge base from existing literature. Your assistance would be most welcome! Please contact us if you are interested: or

We look forward to many fertile discussions this coming year!