Special Interest Groups

Transgender and Nonbinary SIG Update

The Transgender and Nonbinary Special Interest Group was launched last year and currently has 56 members. It is dedicated to supporting clinical work and research around clients who identify as Transgender or Nonbinary and experience dissociation from their trauma histories. Often, just the fact of being transgendered or nonbinary in our current environment can expose a person to traumatic events. Recent research has shown that those who are able to access gender-affirming care earlier have a decrease in suicidality and PTSD symptoms.  We also provide trainings around transgender and nonbinary experiences for the ISSTD and other interested parties. In addition, we work to provide advocacy for transgender and nonbinary individuals in our organization and beyond.  At this year’s conference we had a very productive SIG meeting session where we explored opportunities for further collaboration and trainings.

We’re currently working to establish online meetings for members to connect globally so they can discuss this work with peers, and gain support they might not otherwise get. And we want to support SIG members providing trainings to highlight their own experiences at the intersections of dissociation and transgender/nonbinary experiences.

Our SIG welcomes anyone with a passion for working with these communities, and if you’re interested in developing a training, or just having a sounding board, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Cynthia Closs at .