Board Briefs

The Latest News From Your Board

What a wonderful start to the year! This January, we welcomed new Board Members Rosita Cortizo, Tally Trip, Valerie Sinason, and returning members Christa Kruger and Lynnette Danylchuk. Our diverse perspective and skills has truly contributed to a great team. Our Annual Conference in New York was a spectacular success and was the most well-attended conference for many years. We enjoyed amazing plenary speakers as well as the shared expertise of our colleagues. The Big Apple promised shows, sights and great food, and did not disappoint. This is also the only chance of the year when all the Board meets face to face. We spent an intense and exciting few days prior to the conference discussing all the developments in ISSTD and making plans for the year ahead. As you have noticed, we have a new internet platform, which is able to support many online communities. This has greatly increased all the ways we can connect, share knowledge and find resources. It has been long in the works, and the rollout has been very exciting. Education, outreach and support are the cornerstones of our ISSTD community. We are always thinking of new ways to bring the latest innovations in research and clinical intervention to the fore. We now have open registration for ASCH Intermediate Training, planned for October 18-20 of this year. Registration is also open for the Austin Regional Conference, on October 4th. In addition, there is a regional conference in November in Christchurch, NZ. There are many rich opportunities for support and education. We have been hard at work, creating ways to offer interesting and valuable experiences to each member. If you would like to be a part of this endeavor to help clinicians around the world, volunteering to be part of a committee would put you in the midst of all the projects we have in development. Just complete this form and we will be in touch with you. It’s always the right time to make a difference! Looking forward to the year that comes.