Donate to ISSTD

Thank you to everyone who donated to ISSTD in 2021!

By donating to ISSTD, you help the Society continue to grow. If you approve of what your Society has been trying to do to advance our field and to provide a safe and supportive professional home for colleagues who work with those who are the victims of severe long term trauma, and if your circumstances permit, any donation for any amount that you make to the ISSTD will, we assure you, contribute to making a positive difference.

We now have the option available to donate to any of ISSTD’s funds. More information about each fund is available on this page.


General Fund
Theresa Albini
David Archer
Onnie Baldwin
Carole Bawden
Dee Blinka
Sheila Cahill
Paula Carmona
Pamela Cosper
Christine Courtois
Vivian C Dent
Martin Dorahy
Janina Fisher
Christine Colette Forner
John Kearney
Catherine Keech
Harriet Mall
Christine Marks
Sarah Mills
Robert T Muller
Abigail Percifield
Cindy Robinson
Patricia Rush
Ruth Schofield
Valerie Sinason
Kirsten Stach
Bill Stoner
Vicki Vopni
Tara Williams
Shelley Hua
Abigail Percifield

David Caul Graduate Research Fund
Shelley Hua

Education & Research Fund
Dolores Amato
Laura Lee Baker
Lori Bellan
Kathy Eichelberger
Anna Felice
Brad Foote
Christine Colette Forner
Sandie Fox
Anne Gill
Barbara Hayden
Rosa Elva Hernandez
Shelley Hua
Lynn James
Michele Jowett
Brittany Lash
David Llewellyn
Kate McMaugh
Regina Morrow- Robinson
Irina Odintsova
Kelly Rich
Herbert Jay Rosenfield
Herbert Rosenfield
Margaret Sienkowski
Melody Stiles
Mindy Treybal
Anne Westcott

Fridley Fund
Christine Colette Forner
Shelley Hua
Sheldon Itzkowitz
Valerie Sinason
Gail M. Straw

Goodwin Fund
Shelley Hua
Abigail Percifield