Board Briefs

Summer 2016 Board Briefs

The Board of Directors continues to meet monthly, attending to many ongoing and new projects. Our new board members rapidly assimilated with the previous board members, in large part because of our day-long board meeting held at the San Francisco Conference in April. Some of the activity highlights from your current board include: E-Journal We are excited to announce the start of a new E-Journal. It is dedicated to publishing articles that directly focus on clinical treatment for patients with complex trauma. Under the guidance of Martin Dorahy, and his task force committee, two co-editors have been appointed. Dr. Steven Frankel and Dr. Andreas Laddis accepted the offer to serve as the new E-Journal’s co-editors. This new E-Journal is not competing with the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, rather it complements JTD. All involved recognize the purpose of the new E-Journal. Regional Seminars There are several Regional Seminars in active planning stages. Michael Dadson and Christine Forner are working on a seminar to be held in Langley, Alberta (Canada), the Illinois seminar is coordinated by Willa Wertheimer and Rick Hohfeler, and the New York seminar is coordinated by Na’ama Yehuda, Rebeca Gonzalez Scherman, Elizabeth Howell, and others. Another Australian (Brisbane) seminar, coordinated by Warwick Middleton and his team, is planned for March 18 – 19, 2017. These Regional Seminars are designed to disseminate knowledge about complex trauma and dissociation. The board also hopes to increase membership through these seminars. Strategic Plan Under the guidance of Christa Krϋger, the board approved the strategic plan. The major focus areas include: (1) maintaining visibility through education, research, conferences, and membership; (2) collaborate with other organizations; (3) continue financial discipline, and (4) improve governance. Marketing and Communication Peter Maves and Bob Slater are leading initiatives to improve ISSTD visibility as well as ensuring the integrity and quality of the ISSTD. Membership The board is encouraging former ISSTD members to renew their membership. We are aware that many former members have not returned. Following a hub-centered model of membership, we hope to welcome former members and encourage new members to join this wonderful organization. Everyone’s help is welcomed. Please encourage others to join ISSTD. Professional Training Program (PTP) Victor Welzant continues to guide the PTP program. This is an ISSTD star program as it is one of the most effective tools to enhance clinical education regarding complex trauma and dissociation. Upcoming Plans Plans for upcoming conferences and collaborative research programs are underway. The desire is to build connections with other trauma organizations and to cultivate a thriving community in our membership.