Research Recruitment

Seeking Participant Information – The Experiences of Counselors Who Treat Persons with Dissociative Identity Disorder

I am a doctoral student at Walden University and am presently conducting research for my study on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). I am seeking participants to help me gather information on their experiences in working with individuals with DID. There is a lot of literature on the problem of misdiagnosis and how the inexperience of counselors is a huge factor.  I will be suggesting a change in how counselors are taught and prepared to work with DID and other complex traumas.  

Please see the below-listed participant criteria to determine if you qualify to participate in this study. I am also asking you to notate what your specific qualifications are: such as the number of years as a therapist and the number of years you have worked with individuals with DID.

Participant criteria:

(a) listed in the Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation directory;
(b) had a minimum of 5 years of post-masters degree professional experience; 
(c) have provided counseling services for five or more clients clinically diagnosed with DID within the last 5 years; 
(d) licensed as a counselor in the state in which they practice; and, 
(e) holds a master’s or doctoral degree from a CACREP-accredited program and is a US citizen.

Please provide the following information

College attended:
Degree(s) obtained:
Years of clinical experience:
Years of experience working with DID clients:

If you meet the above criteria, please read and sign the attached consent form and return it, and this email it to me.  
Let me thank you in advance for your assistance in helping me with my research. 
Jacqueline Nelson, MA, LPC-S

Please Note: All articles requesting research participation must be approved by the ISSTD Scientific Committee prior to posting. This proposal has been approved by the ISSTD Scientific Committee in February 2023.