Regional Conferences

Regional Conference Offers Holistic Approach to Treating Trauma

Join ISSTD for “Treating the Dissociative System: Healing Body, Mind and Culture in the Wake of Complex Trauma” a regional conference in San Francisco, CA on October 20, 2018!

Located in the new Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF, this one day conference features excellent presentations from Lisa Danylchuk, Lynette Danylchuk, Christine Forner, julie graham, A. Steven Frankel, and Ericha Scott.

The day will kick off with “How Dissociative Patients Found Me and Taught Me What I Needed to Know,” a joint presentation in which Lynette Danylchuk and Steve Frankel will discuss how they stumbled into the world of dissociation and offer tools and approaches they have found helpful in working with this population.

After a short break, the conference will reconvene with another joint presentation by Lisa Danylchuk and Christine Forner. “Using Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Practices with Complex Trauma and Dissociation” will discuss the foundations of mindfulness and how it can be introduced with clients coping with complex manifestations of PTSD, developmental trauma, and dissociative symptoms.

Following lunch (which will be provided), julie graham will present “Losing Ground: Working with Gender and Sexual Minorities – Understanding Stigma and Minority Stress”. In this presentation Julie will discuss the vital role trauma therapists play in healing cultural harm and assisting gender and sexual minorities in understanding institutional discrimination as well as the effects of abuse on physical and mental health.

The day will conclude with “One Case Study: Art Therapy and Sand Tray Constructions by a Client Who is Dissociative Disordered” with Ericha Scott. This presentation is an intensive visual case review of art and sand tray constructions by a client with a history of multiple treatment failures and relapses.

Full conference abstracts, speaker bios, venue details, and more information can be found on the Conference Website.

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