2020 Annual Conference

Pre-Conference Workshops

Planning for the 2020 Annual Conference is in full swing. The Annual Conference Committee has been hard at work putting together a powerful speaker lineup. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal during the Call for Submission period. Our dedicated team of reviewers is now examining all submissions and we anticipate having final decisions out to those who submitted in mid-November.

In addition to our plenary speaker line-up of Karlen Lyons-Ruth, Pat Ogden, and Simone Reinders, they have now finalized the list of pre-conference workshops. The list of Pre-Conference sessions include:

Thursday, March 12, 2019

P1- Dissociation 101: A Comprehensive Exploration into the Field of Dissociation and Complex Trauma

Presenter: Christine Forner

P2- Organized Abuse

Presenters: Valerie Sinason, Michael Salter and Warwick Middleton

P3- The Integrated Recovery Model: Understanding the Relationship Between Complex Trauma, Addiction and Co-Occuring Diagnosis

Presenter: Melissa Caldwell Engle

P4- The Comprehensive Resource Model: An Emotion-Focused, Memory Re-consolidation Model for the Treatment of Complex PTSD/Dissociation

Presenter: Lisa Schwarz

P5-A Day of Creativity: Art, Drama, Music, and Dance/Movement for Trauma Therapists

Presenters: Tally Tripp, Craig Haen, Brian Harris and Amber Gray

Friday, March 13, 2019

P6-Psychodynamic Perspectives on Complex Trauma and Dissociation

Presenters: Elizabeth Howell, Shelly Itzkowitz, Valerie Sinason and Orit Badouk Epstein

P7- “Y’all Got Me F*CkD Up!” : The Complex Worlds of TAY Youth and Emerging LGBTQQIT-S Adults

Presenter: Katie Keech

P8-Does Social Capital Mediate Complex Trauma and Dissociation?

Presenters: Heather Hall, Dolores Mosquera and Rick Hohfeler

P9-The Integration of Sylvia the “Wood Nymph” & the Role of PTSD/Dissociation in Eating Disorders

Presenter: Timothy Brewerton

P10-Mirroring DID via Life-Sized Silhouette Mandalas

Presenters: Colin A. Ross and Ericha Scott

For more information on Pre-Conference workshops, check out the Conference Website! Look forward to seeing you in San Francisco next March!