ISSTD Poet’s Corner: Seeking New Members

At the inauguration of the 46th President of the USA, in a Covid-safe ceremony in Washington on 20th January 2021, Amanda Gorman became the youngest poet to ever participate in such an event, powerfully reciting her poem, “The Hill We Climb”. Subsequent to this ceremony in which poetry was on centre-stage, our ISSTD Board, discussed […]

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Committee Spotlight

Communications and Marketing Committee

The Communications and Marketing Committee aims to promote ISSTD activities and services, both internally and externally. It also has a role in promoting issues relating to complex trauma and dissociation in the wider community, targeting health professionals, other relevant professionals, and the general public. This includes improving the awareness of complex trauma and dissociation in […]

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Kid's Korner

The Flash Technique for Dissociative Children

Over the course of several months, training notices for the Flash Technique (Manfield et al., 2016) arrived in my email several times, before curiosity compelled me to attend the online training in February 2020. I was instantaneously hooked and began using it with my child clients. The advanced online trainings in June 2020 and March […]

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International Spotlight

“We will not do better as a country until we work on the psyche of ourselves.” – ISSTD Member Abel Learwellie speaks about trauma work in Liberia, Africa

Today, for International Spotlight, I interview Abel Learwellie. Abel is an ISSTD Member from Liberia. I felt incredibly privileged to have this time with Abel, who works with the most extreme trauma, with very little resources, yet gave me a couple of hours out of his very busy day to talk about his work in […]

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Letter From The President

Spanish Must Read Gems

Dear Members, With our international membership expansion and rapid growth there is a need for the ISSTD to be multilingual, specifically given the multilingual and multicultural nature of trauma. This month I would like to share with you a limited, yet significant educational Spanish bibliography about the treatment and prevention of complex trauma and dissociation. […]

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News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Welcome ISSTD’s New Members in June! Professional MembersVito AlbergaLaura BeechSandra BetkaHolly BrewerMichaela BuckShaochen ChangCara FensterTandra ChildressMargery FroschGrace GrayJane GreenfieldHelle HarnischKari HigginsChristina HoustonMichael HurewitzAliya IsmailHeidi Louise JarmanHyunok JeonBapuamoyo KambeyaNancy KunkelToni LavelyHeather LeachJill LevensonLaura McMurryJan McNeillDiane MiltonLaura Olivieri WoodIsabel Riaño QuijanoTeri RichMatthew RobinsonJessica StebbinsEmily ThomasKim TousignantNora Guisella Ventura WongRochelle WebberSylvia Yandall Emerging Professional MembersWilliam BaldowskiCarrie CollinsJeri Kay […]

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Research Recruitment

Research Participation Opportunity

All articles requesting research participation must be approved by the ISSTD Scientific Committee prior to posting. This proposal was approved by the ISSTD Scientific Committee in June 2021. Seeking Individuals with Complex PTSD: Trauma Symptom Tracking Study Krista Engle is looking for participants for her online dissertation study. The purpose of the Trauma Symptom Tracking […]

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Regional Online Communities

Ontario Regional Online Community (ROC) Update

In 2020, the ISSTD launched Regional Online Communities (ROCs) as an exciting new member benefit. During this time, a group of therapists and researchers in Ontario, Canada joined together to form the very first ROC, which has been meeting monthly for almost a year! While the ROC started out with just under 20 members, it […]

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Publications of Interest

OCD, Trauma, and Dissociation

The topic of June 2021’s publications of interests is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and its role in the trauma response and related dissociative states. Multiple theories exist regarding the mechanisms at play in the complex psychological and physiological setting of OCD, trauma, and dissociation. The articles below explore psychological aspects including: emotional dysregulation, rumination, attachment, dissociation, […]

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Call for Proposals

Outside Conference Call for Proposals (June 2021)

One of the Goals in ISSTD’s 2021-2023 Strategic Plan is to Establish and Strengthen Strategic Collaboration. In order to assist in achieving this goal the Board of Directors wants to encourage ISSTD members to submit presentations related to complex trauma and dissociation to other mental health conferences outside of ISSTD. This will help to spread […]

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