Committee Spotlight

Finance Committee

Hello again from ISSTD’s Finance Committee! It’s hard to believe that yet another year has passed since my last update. I am pleased to share with you where we’ve been over the past year and where we’re headed in 2021 and beyond. When I wrote this column last August, I said we’d be doing the […]

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Volunteer Spotlight

Dr. Heather Hall

Today our volunteer spotlight shines on Heather Hall, MD.  Dr. Hall works as a psychiatrist and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2017. She has served on the Scientific Committee since 2017 and the Annual Conference Committee since 2016, including serving as their Chair since 2019. Most recently, Dr. Hall and […]

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Letter From The President

July 2020 – Update from the Board

Dear fellow ISSTD Members, I hope things are going well with everyone under the circumstances. Even in these difficult times, the ISSTD Board has been hard at work to support all of ISSTD’s operations. In-between launching our various virtual events, the Board has also been working to update existing policies and to develop new policies […]

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News You Can Use

News You Can Use – July 2020

New Books for Dissociative Children Now Available on Kindle ISSTD Member Ana Gomez has produced two books for dissociative children, now available on Kindle. The beautifully colourful books, targeted at children aged 7 years and over, aim to bring empowerment and resources to dissociative children with an emerging personality that shows fragmentation. These books remind […]

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Clinical E-Journal

JTD & Frontiers Table of Contents (July 2020)

Journal of Trauma & Dissociation Check out the entire library online of the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation – your member benefit – now! Table of ContentsVolume 21, Issue 1Volume 21, Issue 2Volume 21, Issue 3Volume 21, Issue 4Volume 20, Issue 5 Are you interested in auto publication alerts?To set up a quick and each way to get […]

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Trauma & Dissociation in the News

Child Sexual Abuse Materials: Another Global Pandemic

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is now recognised as another global epidemic. CSAM includes images, video, text and drawings of children being abused and exploited (previously called “child pornography”). For at least fifty years, CSAM has been a significant social problem, however CSAM victims and survivors have received […]

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Research Recruitment

On No-Man Land: Perspectives from healthcare professionals on the impact of loneliness on dissociation as a coping mechanism

All articles requesting research participation must be approved by the ISSTD Board prior to posting. This proposal was approved by the ISSTD Board in July 2020. Mirit Agaiby is a Master Student in Psychology at the University of Liverpool. They are doing a research that has a focus on dissociative disorders in clinical psychology and […]

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