Publications of Interest

Trauma and Minority Stress

The March, 2024 Publications of Interest column presents six articles which focus on how minority stress and systemic discrimination can compound traumatic experiences. I hope they will be of some interest. Ragavan, M. I., Thomas, K. A., Fulambarker, A., Zaricor, J., Goodman, L. A., & Bair-Merritt, M. H. (2020). Exploring the needs and lived experiences […]

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Letter From The President

The Functioning of ISSTD

As the result of assuming the Presidency of ISSTD this year, I have been looking at all the operating components of ISSTD and thought I would summarize how the various pieces come together. This is an organization that has grown steadily from its beginnings 30+ years ago as a professional society to advance the understanding […]

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News You Can Use

News You Can Use: February, 2024

The Problems of Complex Trauma Therapy In the modern world, quick-fix methods often overshadow intricate psychodynamics. In contrast, The Problems of Complex Trauma Therapy goes beyond surface-level tools and techniques and urges us to look deeper into the process – the origins of our struggles, and the profound impact of carrying them. This book delves […]

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Membership Monthly: SIGs and ROCs

What are your interests within the field of trauma and dissociation? Did you know that ISSTD members have access to an online community? You may know of the ISSTD Member Forum in ISSTDWorld, but did you know that there are also smaller, more specific groups that actively meet virtually to discuss common interests and topic […]

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Annual Conference

2024 Annual Conference Invites all Social Butterflies and Emerging Caterpillars!

Along with the plethora of inspiring sessions, ISSTD offers social events to connect with colleagues and schmooze with friends from around the world!  Whether you are a social butterfly or emerging caterpillar, remember to mark your calendars for the social events that interest you. Fundraising Events Friday, March 22, 2024Donor Recognition Reception | 5:00 – […]

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Special Interest Groups

Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) SIG Update

ISSTD’s newest Special Interest Group, the Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) SIG, was launched in October 2023. The DBR SIG is for ISSTD members with an interest in learning, understanding and using DBR therapy in the treatment of complex trauma, dissociation, and dissociative disorders. The DBR SIG currently has over 60 members, and the executive committee […]

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Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight

Join the Annual Awards Committee

This month’s Volunteer Position Spotlight shines on the incredible opportunity to join the Annual Awards Committee as a committee member! Committee Member – Annual Awards Committee The annual awards committee assists with the development and distribution of marketing calls for ISSTD award nominations. It also reviews and recommends member-submitted award nominations, supports the development of […]

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Committee Update

Virtual and Regional Conference Committee

Happy February ISSTDWorld! Thank you for stopping by to read about what the Virtual and Regional Conference Committee (VRCC) has been up to in its third year of being a committee! The goal of the VRCC is to support the continued growth of ISSTD’s regional and virtual trainings. As a group, this committee includes both […]

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