Community Spotlight

Communications & Marketing Committee Update

The Communications and Marketing Committee aims to promote ISSTD activities and services, both internally and externally. It also has a role in promoting issues relating to complex trauma and dissociation in the wider community, targeting health professionals, other relevant professionals, and the general public. This includes improving the awareness of complex trauma and dissociation in […]

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Letter From The President

Looking Forward to our Annual Conference

Dear ISSTD Community,  As we approach our annual conference, hosted both in Seattle and online this year, I look forward to gathering with like-minded and like-hearted colleagues to learn and work toward healing complex trauma and dissociation together. Our theme this year, “Post-Traumatic Growth in a Dissociative World,” is timely and relevant to the social […]

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Donate to ISSTD

Thank You to ISSTD’s 2022 Donors

By donating to ISSTD, you help the Society continue to grow. If you approve of what your Society has been trying to do to advance our field and to provide a safe and supportive professional home for colleagues who work with those who are the victims of severe long term trauma, and if your circumstances permit, […]

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News You Can Use

News You Can Use – March 2022

New Book: Shame, Pride and Relational Trauma ISSTD Member, Ken Benau, has recently published a book Shame, Pride, and Relational Trauma: Concepts and Psychotherapy. This book is a comprehensive overview of the role these complex emotions play in the lives of survivors’relational trauma, as well as within therapy itself. This book aims to assist readers […]

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JTD Table of Contents (March 2022)

Table of Contents Volume 23, Issue 1Volume 23, Issue 2Volume 22, Issue 1Volume 22, Issue 2Volume 22, Issue 3Volume 22, Issue 4Volume 22, Issue 5 Are you interested in auto publication alerts?To set up a quick and easy way to get a ‘new content alerts’ for JTD, go to the JTD page at Taylor & Francis […]

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Creative Space

Arrowed Cloud – The Use of Poetry in Therapy

“He’s not cooperative,” his teacher warned me when I called to find out more about the boy who’d been referred to me for speech-language therapy. “He’ll find a hundred excuses to not do the work.” “Sounds creative,” I interjected. “He is,” the teacher conceded, “but it is exhausting.” For him, too, I was sure. “You’d […]

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Creative Space

Joseph, Adolf and Vladimir

March 20 is World Poetry Day and this month we bring you a very topical poem by Warwick Middleton, which illustrates the way poetry can be used to explore both past and contemporary traumas. Joseph the priest, Adolf the painter and Vladimir, the spy, Humanity weeps and seeks to question – the how and the why…They […]

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