News You Can Use

News You Can Use

    ISSTD and SoWH Joint Webinar – 8 October 2018

ISSTD is partnering with Section on Women’s Health – American Physical Therapy Association (SoWH) for a webinar this October: Trauma, Abuse and Pelvic Health. ISSTD’s President-elect, Christine Forner, will join with Lauren Collins, a physical therapist and trained sexual assault survivor advocate, as well as other panelists yet to be announced. This free webinar will centralize around trauma, abuse, and how physical therapists can navigate the challenges inherent in dealing with this population. Panelists will answer questions from attendees and discuss how trauma and abuse affect physical therapy clients, how it may impact treatment, and how physical therapy providers can better serve clients with a history of trauma. More information about the panelists and registration for the webinar can be found here.

ISSTD Therapist Finalist in Prestigious Art Award

ISSTD therapist and editor of Creative Space Noula Diamantopoulos has been nominated as a finalist in the prestigious 2018 Ravenswood Art Prize, which attracts substantial competition for the $35, 000 prize. The artwork nominated was a neon art sign: Love Shouldn’t hurt created as part of a DV awareness campaign. Noula, who also won the ISSTD audio-visual award for the Love Shouldn’t Hurt campaign, was delighted to be nominated, although unfortunately it she did not win the final prize. Noula notes “I was thrilled to be a finalist and the publicity was a great opportunity to promote the important message that ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt’ and that women should not put up with intimate partner violence.” An article about the Love Shouldn’t Hurt Campaign can be read here.

Welcome ISSTD’s New Members in August!

Susan Burland
Jennifer Burton
Michelle Craig
Monica Descamps
Debra Evans
Brian Gong
Bettie Howe
Rebecca Jones
Stephen McDonnell
Adele Nicols
Maryam Rahimi
Jacquelyn Smith
Laura Stanislawski
Caron Trout
Melissa Walker
Jonathan Wolf-Phillips
Kathryn Brown
Tamsin Embleton
Sandra Farahani

Susan Dantilio
Ramie Oakley
Sarah Swenson
Sarah Urdiales

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