News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Breaking the Silence of Incest

ISSTD Fellow, and past ISSTD President, Professor Warwick Middleton has joined with award winning journalist Tracey Shelton on some ground-breaking reporting, which is breaking the silence that still surrounds incest. Tracey has previously been awarded the ISSTD Media Award (Written) in acknowledgment of her work investigating and reporting issues related to complex trauma, dissociation, and incest continuing into adulthood.

The first of these news pieces speaks of how, despite growing awareness of organisational and institutional abuse in Australia, familial abuse is still hidden. This ABC online news story articles features Professor Middleton and the work of Associate Professor Michael Salter, ISSTD Fellow and President Elect.

‘The last social taboo’: How an unspeakable crime against children remains largely hiddenClick Here to access

The next two links are to a radio program and podcast which explores incest, dissociation and DID, through the very moving and encouraging story of a client of Professor Middleton. Tracey herself is also interviewed, as she explains how she came to investigate trauma and dissociation in Australia, after a long and successful career reporting on extreme trauma in war zones. Interestingly she discovered a group of people who also had trauma, familial trauma, and presented with some similar symptoms to those in war zones.

ABC Background Briefing: The hidden terror that’s splitting people’s identitiesClick Here to access

This final podcast is an interview with

ABC The Signal – Click Here to access

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