News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Working with Survivor Siblings

ISSTD Member Johanna Dobrich’s new book explores the effects of growing up with a severely disabled sibling, Working with Survivor Siblings in Psychoanalysis.

This unique book integrates both academic and memoir writing to explore the impact of lateral survivorship on the clinical moment, making room for a contemporary and nuanced appreciation of siblings in psychoanalysis.

The book will be of interest and value to psychoanalysts and other mental health professionals who treat survivor siblings and may also be of use to therapists who are themselves survivor siblings.

The book is available in digital and paper formats. It can be purchased from most leading bookstores as well as from the publisher Routledge.

Dissociative Experiences Cards

Have you been looking for therapy tools to assist you in working with your dissociative clients? These cards might just be your answer. ISSTD Member Nicole Black has developed a deck of card that depict dissociative experiences.  Each deck contacts two sets of 27 cards.

The first set contains drawings of realistic depictions of dissociative experiences. The second set shows symbolic depictions of the same experiences. Each image is unique and the symbolic cards aim to provide an emotional distancing from symptoms of dissociation. The cards depict a full range of dissociative experiences including derealization, depersonalization, and dissociation of the personality. These cards are designed for clinicians, individuals with dissociative symptoms, and their families. The versatility of the cards makes them appropriate for use with individuals diagnosed with range of disorders from PTSD to DID. These cards may play a role in helping people identify and describe their symptoms, when words fail them, or are not enough. The sets also include a ‘grounding card’ with information on grounding on front and back, a ‘warning/stop’ card and an instruction booklet. As an added bonus the set includes a link to a downloadable PDF for blank card template.

Nicole reports that the Spanish version of the cards will be completed in May and will be soon available for purchase. Nicole has also had offers to translate the cards into Greek and German, so stay tuned for more information about that.

These images of the cards show how they could appeal to adults, teenagers and older children.

The cards are available from Etsy at Nicole’s therapy resources shop called Phoenix Arise.

Welcome ISSTD’s New Members in April!

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