News You Can Use

News You Can Use

New Book Seeks to understand suicide more deeply

ISSTD Member, Sandy Krippner is co author of a new book which seeks to explore and understand suicide more deeply.

With suicide often considered a taboo topic in Western culture, this book aims to break this down with an honest and nonjudgmental examination of the nature of suicide.

This book will assist therapists in understanding why suicide can seem an alluring option for people struggling to deal with their post traumatic symptoms, whether they be related to bullying, sexual assault, war combat, or other PTSD-invoking events. This book has a special emphasis on exploring the impact of sexual assault and combat trauma in suicidality, both survivor groups which have high rates of suicide.

The book is wide-reaching in the topics it explores in relation to suicidality and this includes topics such as evolutionary psychology, psychedelic therapy, prescription drug side-effects, and shamanism

The book is practical and includes information vital to assist those who support suicidal people and details approaches that may help those experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours. In addition the book also includes an extensive review and evaluation of the many available mental health treatments.

In this book, special consideration is given to suicide in military populations. With a focus on the US, it notes that U.S. soldier suicides exceed one per day and continue to rise, while veteran suicide rates are even higher, averaging 17 per day. Those working with military or veteran populations will find invaluable information and support.

The book is available from Amazon here.

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And also from book depository (which also offers free delivery world wide) here.

DID Awareness Day Activity in India

ISSTD Member Adithy, who lives and works in Pune, India developed her own DID Awareness Day initiative this year, inspired by the ISSTD newsletter article from 2019, with a brief promotion of the day and of ISSTD’s resources amongst Indian psychologists and other mental health professionals. She also invited them to join a trauma and dissociation interest group.

She was delighted to find that in just the first three days, there were over 70 sign-ups from India!

Adithy reports that complex trauma and dissociation are widespread in India, but little understood by mental health professionals. This promotion from Adithy and the resultant interest group is a step in the right direction, helping professionals become more aware.

Perhaps next year for DID Awareness Day we can have other members start similar activity in their local area.

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