Board Briefs

News from the ISSTD Board

Seasons Greetings, all Ye Members!

Tired of hearing, “In these challenging times” yet? Me too. These are indeed tough times, and yet we know help is coming. Whether we are physically recovering, grieving lost loved ones, or helping our clients with their response to the pandemic, it has been a true test of creativity to find new ways to connect and support one another. I hope it is going well for you.

Necessity has been the mother of invention, and The ISSTD Board has been working hard to ensure ISSTD has been adapting and responding to the events of the past year. The Board has mindfully put a spotlight on presentations and classes which assist our work with many types of diversity, including racially-based trauma. Our growing membership of 1600, spanning the globe, is more representative than ever of the many rich ways that people differ. This adds to the conversation, as we all move forward, in community.

We have focused on expanding virtual training and are building our repertoire of webinars. This year has pushed some folks into a position of having to learn more about online interaction, but the upside is that it expanded how people can connect and learn. Kudos to all who took on the challenge and turned it into another strength.

In addition to our multi-level Professional Training Program, we have many upcoming events, including a full schedule of webinars. Keep an eye out for the first webinar of 2021, to be held on January 22, entitled “Is That Mine or Yours? Recognizing and Bringing to Consciousness the Client’s Untold Story”, presented by D. Michael Coy. This is rich with discussion of non-verbal attunement and worthy online learning.

Most importantly, the Board has also been very busy planning our next Annual Conference. Beginning April 9th, we will hold The World Congress on Intergenerational Trauma, a four-day conference to be held virtually. Also coming this year, are regional conferences in Melbourne, Nashville and Toronto. Early Bird registration is currently open for the Annual Conference. Click here to visit the conference website and register!

Of course, we all look forward to the day when we can once again gather together in person, and share as friends and colleagues. I hope that day comes soon. In the meantime, be well and enjoy the perks of working in your fuzzy slippers. We always have each other. Happy Holidays.