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New Recorded Content Available – March 2023

New content packages have been opened in the ISSTD Online Learning Center! Read on below for more information on these new pieces of recorded content.

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Conceptualization and Treatment of Dissociative Disorders – Essential Concepts Package

Learn from a variety of seasoned experts and leading-edge researchers about the neuroscience and theory that supports the diagnosis, conceptualization and treatment of persons with dissociative disorders. Then, fill your toolbox with nuggets of wisdom to help navigate the most challenging aspects of the psychotherapy journey.

  • Complexities and Crises in the Treatment of Complex Dissociative Traumatic Stress Disorders
  • How to Use the Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule
  • Things I Wish I Had Been Told About Working with Trauma and Dissociation
  • Living Legend Webinar: Shame and Its Relationship to Dissociation: Research Findings and Implications for Therapy in Those with Complex Trauma Disorders
  • Biomarkers of Pathological Dissociation
  • What Causes Dissociation?
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder: Inter-identity Amnesia and Sense of Self Across Time
  • Time Effective Intervention Techniques for Crisis Management in the Treatment of Dissociative Disorders
  • Oh __! What Do I Do Now?
  • The Disconnected Brain: Understanding Brain-Behaviour Relationships in Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders

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Living Legends Package

ISSTD is pleased to offer a robust gathering of trainings featuring our very own Living Legends. Included are trainings by Frances Waters, Joyanna Silberg, Richard Kluft, Martin Dorahy, Naomi Halpern, Colin Ross and more.

  • Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Screen! Why Freud Abandoned Hypnosis – The Rhymes and Reasons of “Othering” (Inconvenient) Realities, Then and Now
  • Shame and Its Relationship to Dissociation: Research Findings and Implications for Therapy in Those with Complex Trauma Disorders
  • The Battle Within: A Parts Framework to Heal Internal Wounds and Conflicts
  • Treatment of Complex Dissociative Disorders: An International Community Perspective
  • Dissociation Across Psychiatric Disorders: A Confounding Factor or An Opportunity for Research and Innovation
  • Building Internal Attachment Bonds: Overcoming Self-Alienation
  • Insights from Work with a Cohort of Child Victims of Organized Abuse
  • How to Work with Persecutory and Malevolent Introject Alters
  • Institutional Courage
  • Blending as a Problem-Solving Skill
  • Where to Start First? Treating Dissociative Youth with High Rate of Comorbidity

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