Organizational Updates

New Membership Management – Renew your Dues or Make a Donation Today!

ISSTD is excited to announce the launch of our new membership management website. The new site has a clean and updated look, improved navigation, and expanded functionality. This site will be primarily for managing your membership and making donations. Links to ISSTDWorld, our community platform, and the Center for Advanced Studies website, where most ISSTD live and recorded training content is managed, are provided in the site for easy access. Logging into ISSTDWorld will require the same login details as the membership system. At this time, the Center for Advanced Studies website does require a separate account as it is not linked to the membership system. 

In this updated system, you can expect the following:

Join or Renew your Membership Online (pay via credit card)

  • This new website is streamlined to make your member renewal smoother and will automatically determine your membership tier based on the address on file.
  • NEW! Automatic renewal is now available. Setup your membership to renew automatically each year at your renewal date.
  • NEW! 2-year membership options granting you two years of membership with a 10% discount.

Update and Maintain Your Membership Profile

  • Update your business address, licensure information, find-a-therapist demographic information and more. 
  • Reset your password or request your username in real time

Donate to ISSTD

  • Make a one-time donation to the ISSTD General Fund or one of our four education and training funds.
  • NEW! The option to make a monthly recurring donation to the ISSTD General Fund or one of our four education and training funds.

Latest News

  • A snapshot of ISSTD announcements and key information with links to greater detail.

Login information and details were sent to all members via email the week of November 30th. If you have any questions regarding login, please email To reset your password to login, please click here. Please be sure to change your password while editing and confirming your member profile. (You may need to clear your browsing history to ensure that the new site loads.) Groups will continue to be managed in ISSTDWorld, please ignore this section in your profile. We believe the new system is a significant step forward for our organization and streamlining your online experience.

If you experience any problems logging in, updating your password, accessing ISSTDWorld, renewing your membership or setting up a recurring donation, please reference the FAQ Document at the bottom of this email. If your question is not answered, please email . We anticipate an increase in inquiries when the new system launches so we ask that you be patience as we work through emails.