New ISSTD Membership Tiers

As part of ISSTD’s three year strategic plan, the Board of Directors has put a strong emphasis on growing ISSTD’s membership internationally. As part of this effort, we have expanded our membership fee tiers beyond the World Bank rates to allow for greater flexibility and consideration to developing events. 

Previously ISSTD membership was available in four different fee levels based on World Bank classifications. Our new schedule has six Tiers with the two new Tiers splitting the higher levels of World Bank rates. 

With these changes, your membership tier may have changed since you last renewed. Information about the tiers will be included in your renewal messages for the first year of these fees. Below is a link to the document listing each country in its new Tier along with the membership fees for each Tier. 

2021 ISSTD Membership Tiers

When you renew your membership next you will be able to select the correct Tier and the corresponding membership fee during the renewal process. Please make sure you select the correct Tier at the time of your renewal or your membership may be cancelled and reprocessed. 

When you renew your membership online you now have the option to donate to any of ISSTD’s funds. Information about each of the funds is available here.

We look forward to continuing to grow the ISSTD community throughout the world with these new membership Tiers. If you have any questions about the new Tiers or how to renew your membership please email