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New Children’s Book Explores Dissociative Experiences

ISSTD Member Michele Yarberry has written a new children’s book, Tandi’s Brave Friends and Special Helpers targeted at children and their parents who have experienced trauma and dissociation.

Tandi’s Brave Friends and Special Helpers is intended to help parents, caregivers, and professionals who work with children better understand perplexing behaviors and discover the missing links to more effective treatment outcomes. The book contains stories of children who experience trauma and dissociation. Each story is gently and sensitively told and great care is taken to de-pathologize trauma responses.

Parents, caregivers and children will find that this book gives them a basic understanding of dissociative disorders, describes how these disorders present in children and provides relatable, real-life stories of children and their families, who have the lived-experience of Dissociative Disorders. The book also provides additional resources and information for parents and caregivers.

This book, illustrated in child-friendly way, is a helpful resource in itself, but it is actually the first book in a series, with subsequent publications focusing on techniques and modalities for treating and diagnosing Dissociative Disorders.

The book is available in kindle and paperback from:

Barnes and Noble


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