Regional Online Communities

Mid-Atlantic Regional Online Community (ROC)

In September 2022, the Mid-Atlantic ROC celebrated its first year anniversary. When launched, the ROC was comprised of 30 ISSTD members. Today, our online community has approximately 60 participants spanning the New York to South Carolina geographical region of the United States.

The Mid-Atlantic ROC was formed with the intention of creating clinically supportive community paired with organized educational events. Since its inauguration, we have held three online programming opportunities. These events focused on topics such as shame, generationally-inherited trauma treatment knowledge and wisdom, and a peer discussion group about transferential and counter-transferential dynamics when working with protector aspects of self. In an effort to meet each program’s identified learning objectives, we often include articles to improve access to educational resources.

The ROC has two synchronous educational events planned for the 2022-2023 academic year. Our first educational program will focus on MDMA-assisted treatment for trauma and the second event will concentrate on the ever-evolving clinical relationship when providing long-term treatment for trauma and dissociation. We are enthusiastic about the programs and grateful for the ROC members who have big-heartedly agreed to share their knowledge and expertise with the Mid-Atlantic cohort. The executive team hopes to offer a third educational program to round out the academic year and to provide ROC members with an additional avenue to connect, cultivate and strengthen our community, and share knowledge and resources.

If you practice or reside in the Mid-Atlantic region and have interest in participating in the ROC, then we would love to have you join us. Please feel free to contact Alexis Hansen, LCSW at