Membership Growth Around the Globe

G’day from the Membership Committee!! Co-chaired by two Australian members, Sonia Smuts and Warwick Middleton. We are very pleased with the growing interest in the study of trauma and dissociation, which is being mirrored in our Society’s growing membership. Currently, the ISSTD has 1,297 members from across 35 different countries, with at least 250 new members joining the ISSTD in the past year. That represents a growth rate of 23%!

Interest in membership of our Society has always been strong in North America, and this has now grown to 958. South America now has 6 ISSTD members, with a growing demand for ISSTD resources being offered in Spanish. We have 23 members in Asia and 75 European colleagues have opted for membership of our Society. ISSTD membership in Australia has shot up to 166 over the past year; and there are now 104 ISSTD members in Canada, 35 in the United Kingdom, 17 in New Zealand, and 7 in the Netherlands.

This cements our Society’s position as an international, increasingly influential organization supporting the professional needs of those working with trauma and dissociation.

The ISSTD board is committed to advancing the clinical, scientific, and societal understanding about chronic trauma and dissociation and has identified as a key focus, enriching members’ experience of being part of the ISSTD community. To this end, the membership committee will roll out hub-centered membership liaison initiatives in the coming months to strengthen collegial networks amongst regional members, and to facilitate the dissemination of locally relevant communication about topics of shared interests. We are seeking well-connected, personable, and motivated Society members to be the local ‘face’ of, and contact point for, ISSTD members. If you are interested in becoming more involved in this or any other Society project, or have suggestions for our consideration, we are most interested to hear from you and invite you to contact either Sonia Smuts ( or Dr. Warwick Middleton ( We are always interested in feedback and are trying to be as engaged as possible with our Society’s membership.

Sonia is a senior Clinical Psychologist residing in Perth, in Western Australia.