Special Interest Groups

ISSTD Welcomes the Formation of New EMDR SIG

A new SIG was formed in October 2021 for ISSTD members with interest in utilizing EMDR therapy in the treatment of complex trauma, dissociation, and dissociative disorders. The SIG was formed with 130 members and an executive committee of Adithy and Liz Chalenburg as Co-Chairs; Abigail Percifield as Secretary; and Jillian Hosey as Moderator.

The EMDR SIG aims to support discussion, learning, and connection with fellow EMDR clinicians within ISSTD as well as to work with ISSTD to support the education and training of clinicians worldwide who work with EMDR. The SIG held their first meeting in December 2021 for members to get to know one another and to voice expectations and hopes for the SIG. Discussion was held about ways the SIG can begin to contribute to the greater EMDR community through small projects by SIG members, including writing journal articles, doing conference presentations, and conducting research. Opportunities for learning together and training for SIG members were also discussed.

Our SIG welcomes new members! Any members interested in joining the EMDR SIG can visit this page for more information or contact the Secretary, Abigail Percifield at