2020 Annual Conference

ISSTD 2020 Annual Conference: Early Bird Registration Ends Soon!

ISSTD is headed to San Francisco, CA for the 37th Annual International Conference, The World Congress on Complex Trauma and Dissociation 2020: Envisioning the Coming Decade. Early Bird Registration is open through January 15, 2020. Featuring plenary speakers Karlen Lyons-Ruth, PhD, Pat Ogden, PhD, and A.A.T. Simone Reinders, PhD, and with ten exciting Pre-Conference Workshops, this conference is already full of fantastic training opportunities. Read on for more information about these workshops and presentations!


ASCH Basic Hypnosis Training

Wednesday, March 11 – Friday, March 13, 2020
Instructors: Reinhild Draeger-Muenke, Wendy Lemke, Deb Bensching
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Pre-Conference Workshops

Thursday, March 12, 2020

P1- Dissociation 101: A Comprehensive Exploration into the Field of Dissociation and Complex Trauma
Presenter: Christine Forner

P2- Organized Abuse
Presenters: Valerie Sinason, Michael Salter and Warwick Middleton

P3- The Integrated Recovery Model: Understanding the Relationship Between Complex Trauma, Addiction and Co-Occuring Diagnosis
Presenter: Melissa Caldwell Engle

P4- Is Group Psychotherapy Effective for Trauma Survivors with Dissociative Disorders?
Presenters: Margo Rivera, Juliet Darke, Christine Hodgson, and Kathy Southmayde

P5-A Day of Creativity: Art, Drama, Music, and Dance/Movement for Trauma Therapists
Presenters: Tally Tripp, Craig Haen, Brian Harris and Amber Gray

Friday, March 13, 2020

P6-Psychodynamic Perspectives on Complex Trauma and Dissociation
Presenters: Elizabeth Howell, Shelly Itzkowitz, Valerie Sinason and Orit Badouk Epstein

P7- “Y’all Got Me F*CkD Up!” : The Complex Worlds of TAY Youth and Emerging LGBTQQIT-S Adults
Presenter: Katie Keech

P8-Does Social Capital Mediate Complex Trauma and Dissociation?
Presenters: Heather Hall, Dolores Mosquera and Rick Hohfeler

P9-The Integration of Sylvia the “Wood Nymph” & the Role of PTSD/Dissociation in Eating Disorders
Presenter: Timothy Brewerton

P10-Mirroring DID via Life-Sized Silhouette Mandalas
Presenters: Colin A. Ross and Ericha Scott

Plenary Sessions

Saturday, March 14, 2020
Parsing the Contributions of Attachment and Trauma in Pathways to Dissociation, Suicidality, and Borderline Personality Disorder – Karlen Lyons-Ruth, PhD

Befriending the Body: A Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Perspective on Treating Complex Trauma – Pat Ogden, PhD

Monday, March 16, 2020
The Neurobiology and Aetiology of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Beyond – A.A.T. Simone Reinders, PhD

Register today to take advantage of early bird prices, and don’t forget to check the full online preliminary program to view all of the incredible presentations throughout the conference!