Board Briefs

Introduction to the 2019 Board of Directors

Hello ISSTD Members, I would like to take this time to introduce myself and all of our new 2019 Board Members. Before I introduce your new leadership, I would like to send my heartfelt gratitude to the Board Members who have completed their service commitments to the ISSTD. Dr. Paula Thompson served on the board for 6 years. Paula was dedicated to expanding our language and understanding of dissociation, dissociation within the creative arts and dissociation and attachment. Paula worked diligently on the Professional Training Program. She was also a constant within our annual audit committee. Paula’s heart, which has lived in CA for a long time, but still held onto her deep Canadian roots, will be greatly missed. Thank you Paula.

Dr. Joan Haliburn served on the Board for 3 years. Joan brought with her a passion to educate others, especially students and emerging professionals. Joan was a very steady voice of reason and guidance while she served on the Board. She also was instrumental in putting on our first regional conference on the Island of Tasmania. Thank you Joan for your dedication to the ISSTD and the grander field of dissociation.

Bob Slater has served as our Secretary for over 3 years. Bob’s deep desire to educate the masses was evident in his role as coordinator of the rapid response team and Chair of the Marketing Committee. Bob was a steady presence during the weekly Executive Committee meeting and the monthly Board meetings. Bob was able to help this grand organization be a bit more organized. Thank you Bob for all of your hard work and your giant heart.

Kevin Connors, I would like to thank for his years of dedication to the ISSTD. Kevin put in hundreds of hours helping this organization grow and expand. As he was Chair of the Conference Committee since 2011 he was instrumental in developing and executing our annual conferences. Kevin was also able to step in and assist in 2010/2011 when our beloved colleague and President, Don Fridley, passed. We wish him luck on his new adventures.

Dr. Dana Ross was only able to serve for one year, but within this year she made a great impact. Dana brought with her a calm and wise presence that helped when the Board had some larger decisions to make. Thank you Dana for all that you do within the field of Dissociation and for all of the dedication to the ISSTD that you consistently show. Thank you for your work on the Student and Emerging Professional Committee, the Goodwin Fund Committee and the Marketing Committee.

I would like to now welcome; Our new president elect, Dr. Christa Kruger, who hails from South Africa. Christa brings with her a very solid set of skills. As Christa has already served 6 years on the Board, she is familiar with the leadership responsibilities of this organization. Christa also brings excellent organization skills, a strong scientific background and a very level mind. I am sure that under her leadership next year the ISSTD will grow, expand and continue to be a leader in the field of complex trauma.

Lisa Danylchuk is our new Secretary. Lisa brings with her a lot of experience such as the UN task force, the Student and Emerging Professional Committee, her leadership on the Volunteer Committee and her experience from being a board member for the last year. I am sure that Lisa will continue to serve the ISSTD with the heart, integrity, humanity and humour that she has brought to all of her other leadership roles within the ISSTD.

Dr. Valerie Sinason will be serving her first term on the ISSTD board. Valerie has shown a lifetime of dedication, passion and wisdom in her work in the UK with individuals experiencing complex trauma, dissociation and extreme cases of abuse. Valerie has been a strong presence in our RAMCOA SIG and we are thrilled that she has joined our leadership family.

Dr. Rosita Cortizo is also joining us this year. Rosita has shown a great deal of leadership potential within her role on the Conference Committee. Rosita was instrumental in organizing an international panel on trauma and dissociation for the NYC annual conference. Rosita is a conscientious person who has a lot of passion for the field of dissociation and for the ISSTD.

Tally Tripp, MFT, ATR-BC, comes to her first term on the board as the co-founder and Chair of the Creative Arts Therapy (CAT) Special Interest Group. Tally has been vital in launching the Create & Connect social event at the Annual Conference, and made it a roaring success in Chicago in 2018. Her international teaching experience and dedication to ISSTD make us thrilled to welcome her to our 2019 Board.

Dr. Lynette Danylchuk, Immediate past president (2.0). With Kevin’s departure we were left with the position of Immediate Past President needing to be filled. With a great deal of Board discussion we approached several of our past president and Lynette very generously stated that she would be happy to volunteer her time for another year. Her exact words were “If ISSTD needs me, I’m there”. This is an example of the spirit of your leadership. Lynette was unanimously voted in to fill this one year term. Welcome back Lynette.

I am Christine, your new President. I have been part of the ISSTD leadership since 2010, and I feel so very grateful to serve as the leader of this amazing organization. Thank you for entrusting me and thank you for the opportunity to move this organization into the next decade. I’m sure the ISSTD will continue to grow and consistently show why we are the oldest and wisest organization that specializes in complex trauma and dissociation. If and when you have time, please take a moment and introduce yourself to our leadership. The hard work and dedication that our leadership has consistently showed over the last 9 years that I have been on the board, is unwavering. Thank you all for your hard work and I’m really excited for this up and coming year. I think the future of the ISSTD is very bright.