Letter From The President

Creating a Connected and Supportive Community

Dear ISSTD Community, 

Here in the US, there have been too many recent acts of violence and harm in our community. As a global community we continue to cope with the impacts of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine. In times like these I am constantly reminded of how important it is to organize ourselves around peace and healing. 

This is precisely what the ISSTD does – we are an organization committed to supporting people healing from some of the deepest harm and trauma, and we work hard to organize ourselves, our staff and our programming. In the past month, we have restructured our staffing and made changes to better support staff so that our important work can be sustainable over the long haul. 

While recent years have been difficult for all of us and have posed unique challenges, the ISSTD remains a healthy organization, and we are in a position to support others in learning about trauma recovery, and the role of dissociation. Our PTP programming, webinars and conferences (both virtual and in person) help unite a global community so we can lean on one another as we navigate trying times.

This this, I’d like to thank our staff and volunteers who make these experiences possible, and highlight the presence of our Vicarious Trauma Special Interest Group (SIG), who offer a space for ISSTD members to reflect, monitor and respond to our own needs as we navigate challenges ourselves while supporting those around us coping with severe trauma. Members can join this SIG through our online community ISSTDWorld. 

Our educational offerings continue both online and in person. I invite you to connect with this valuable community in Denver, New York, Arizona, Melbourne, or at our virtual conference this October! I encourage you to stay connected to the many resources in this community of helpers as we collectively seek healing and positive change. 

Lisa Danylchuk, M.Ed. LMFT
ISSTD 2022 President