Committee Spotlight

Spotlight on the Marketing Committee

The ISSTD Marketing Committee has a dual purpose – to promote ISSTD both ‘outwards’ and ‘inwards’. By promoting ‘outwards’ it has a mission to promote ISSTD as the premier place to learn about the phenomenology, diagnosis and treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociation, and finding ways to increase ISSTD membership and income streams. It also aims to ‘promote inwards’ by keeping members informed of events and the opportunities available through ISSTD (conferences, webinars, regional seminars, PTP’s, the Book Club/ISSTD World) The Committee is chaired by Peter Maves and members include: Jade Barclay, Michael Coy, Victoria Donahue, Mary-Anne Kate, Gary Peterson, Rochelle Sharpe Lohrasbe, with assistance from Bob Slater , Mary Pat Hanlin and Bethany Bjur. The Marketing Committee is organized into subcommittees as follows: • Social Media: Rochelle Sharpe Lohrasbe, Mary-Anne Kate, Mary Pat Hanlin, Bob Slater • Website: Michael Coy • Listservs: Peter Maves One of the key focus areas for 2017 has been the expansion of social media marketing efforts as social media is now recognized as a growing influence, not just in how we market ourselves, but how we communicate and connect. The Marketing Committee has supported ISSTD to increase activity through both social media posts and content development. Social media allows for the continuous distribution of information and content about ISSTD. The challenge is how to get this information to non-members who can benefit from the information and may become members or utilize other ISSTD services. However the Committee has not forgotten the impact of ‘traditional marketing’ and will remain involved in many more ‘traditional’ marketing activities such as developing high quality marketing brochures and flyers highlighting the benefits of ISSTD membership, which can be given out at conferences and other activities. Continued emphasis will be placed upon regional events and work to engage members locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. If you are interested in joining the Marketing Committee or one of its sub-committees, please email the ISSTD office at