Committee Spotlight

Child & Adolescent Committee

The ISSTD Child & Adolescent Committee (C&A Committee) is co-chaired by Fran Waters and Na’ama Yehuda, and includes members from around the world: Argentina, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the US, and the UK.

The C&A Committee’s mission is to improve awareness, knowledge, training, and information about child and adolescent trauma and dissociation; and to work to increase the number of child professionals who specialize in research, education and treatment of developmental trauma and dissociative disorders, internationally.

Exciting New Projects for the Committee

The C&A Committee is actively involved in continued advocacy for Child and Adolescent related professional presentations, presence, and publications in ISSTD ventures. A major task that has been approved by the board for this coming year is the revision of the Child and Adolescent Treatment Guidelines. A task force has been formed, composed of members from the C&A Committee and Board appointed members. This group is chaired by Fran Waters, Patti van Eys, and Eva Young.

In addition, committee members will collate and create resources (references, research, assessment, and treatment information, etc.) destined for an updated Child and Adolescent section of the ISSTD website for both professionals and the public.

Several C&A Committee members are on ISSTD’s faculty, and are involved in developing, revising, and updating the child and adolescent courses for ISSTD’s professional development program, in English and Spanish.

Other ongoing goals for the committee are identifying and addressing misperceptions and misrepresentations regarding childhood trauma and dissociation, and helping support participation in and collaboration with the C&A SIG – a special interest group which is open to all ISSTD members who are interested in child and adolescent trauma and dissociation. For more information about joining the SIG visit this page.

This year’s worldwide crisis prevented the C&A Committee from holding its annual committee dinner during the ISSTD’s Conference. Nonetheless, the committee plans to meet virtually in the coming weeks, see each other’s smiling faces, and discuss plans and tasks for the year.

For more information about the Child and Adolescent Committee, and for volunteer queries and interests, feel free to contact Fran Waters at: or Na’ama Yehuda at: