Letter From The President

Are We Engaging Minds or Empowering Lives? Join the 2021 Annual Conference and Do Both!

This year the ISSTD Annual Conference’s theme is Intergenerational Trauma and Dissociation, and expectedly it covers a more comprehensive trauma and dissociation phase of life continuum. The conference is going to be held virtually and it will take place over 4 days, from April 9-12. Our conference features more than 40 conference sessions so we enthusiastically recommend that you plan ahead by using our Online Planner

The 2021 keynote speakers are Jennifer Freyd, Jennifer Gomez and Rachel Yehuda. There will be pre-conference presentations on ethics and boundaries; dissociation in children and adolescents; Dissociation 101; the effects of trauma on prenatal care and attachment; Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM); and other trainings such as art therapy; systemic racial trauma; trauma and dissociation in the military; dissociation in native populations, and many more great topics.

Participants will be able to learn and discuss the power of the past, the force of the future, the cultural, social, and religious effects on trauma and dissociation, and some of the most recent and salient research relevant to the trauma and dissociation fields.

Relaxation, Poetry and Fun: Members will have the opportunity to start off each conference day with mind-body yoga or mindfulness sessions and end the day with our daily Happy Hour Meetup during the 5:00pm ET break. On Friday we are featuring our enchanting Poet’s Corner and on Saturday-Monday we will explore the flavors of the three cities that will host our upcoming 2022-2023-2024 Annual Conferences.

First Time Attendees: Participants may like to join us on Friday night, April 9 from 7:15 – 8:00 pm at our “Ask the Experts” which benefits the Caul Fund. Our fun Trivia Night events sponsored by the SEP Committee is on Saturday 7:15 – 8:15 pm and benefits the Fridley Fund. Please note that both of these events require pre registration. The Member Engagement Meetup will be on Monday, April 12 from 2:00 -3:30pm ET at the ‘virtual’ Society Lounge to meet up with committee, SIG chairs, fellow members and learn how to get more involved with ISSTD.

ISSTD Awards: The Annual Awards Presentation will be on Saturday, April 10 from 1:45 – 3:00pm ET. Please join us as we recognize our esteemed 2021 Annual Award Winners!

Annual Business Meeting: The ISSTD Executive Committee will recap the events of the past year and share information about the future direction of the society. Members will have the unique opportunity to ask questions. The meeting will be on Sunday, April 11 from 2:30 – 3:15 ET

Much gratitude to Heather Hall and Jeff Schumacher, Co-Chairs and the Annual Conference Committee who put together this academic, research and scientific treasure.

Spanish Corner

“Despues de todo, cuando la piedra se tira al pozo, el agua continua temblando hasta mucho despues de que la piedra se ha ido al fondo” ― Arthur Golden,


“After all, when a stone is dropped into a pond, the water continues quivering even after the stone has sunk to the bottom.” ― Arthur Golden