Regional Conferences

Anchorage Regional Conference Recap

The ISSTD Alaska Component Group hosted Renee Marks and Jim Knipe at our first annual Regional Conference, June 12-17 in Anchorage, Alaska. Despite unforeseen delays in our ability to market the event and issues related to the venue, the conference went smoothly and was a success. Special thanks to our supporters, Alaska Women’s Health Services, Changing Tides LLC, Studio One Pilates, Alaska Pacific University and North Star Behavioral Health. We would like to recognize Sarah Mills, Maria Ballard, Jessica Mixon, Alex Lorian, Logan Larson, and Kimber Olson for their efforts in advertising, organizing and volunteering throughout the event.

The Alaska Component Group continues to grow. We are excited to welcome twelve new ISSTD members who joined at the conference. The Alaska Component Group is dedicated to providing educational opportunities, resources and support to clinicians in our great state that are working with clients with complex trauma and dissociation. Despite the prevalence of sexual violence, interpersonal violence and trans-generational trauma, Alaska has limited resources to treat the acuities that many of us see in the outpatient setting. This is why we appreciate and invite experts to visit our great state and share their knowledge in our community. Our Component Group is planning to host ASCH Basic training in October, and has begun to plan training for next year.