Month: May 2023

Letter From The President

Shift In Media and Culture at Large

Dear ISSTD friends, Our recent Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, was attended by a couple of journalists who are undertaking deep dives into abuse, violence and trauma. One of them was Janelle Nanos from the Boston Globe, who in July 2022 published a startling longform article called “Kate Price remembers something terrible”. The article chronicles […]

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Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight

Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight – Contribute to the ISSTD Annual Conference – Join Now!

This month’s Volunteer Position Spotlight shines on the opportunity to become a Committee Member with the ISSTD Annual Conference Committee. The Annual Conference Committee (ACC) is seeking committee members to help organize the ISSTD’s annual conference – from the planning to the completion stages. The ACC works together with Staff to develop the annual conferences, […]

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Creative Space

Song 54: The Forest

Languid branches above, cool air below, A path in the forest – so much to know… Ageless trees growing to the sky, You can speak to the dimness and the birds reply, You can speak to the dimness and the birds reply… Unshackled, his soul struggled to find any grounding limits. His mind became filled […]

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Special Interest Groups

Neurodiversity SIG

Individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities are at an increased risk of experiencing trauma, including chronic child maltreatment, peer violence, disability-related abuse, and medical trauma. This trauma can be exacerbated by disability-specific stressors and unique ways of perceiving the world, including cognitive and sensory processing differences. Accordingly, these individuals are at an increased risk of posttraumatic stress […]

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Committee Update

ISSTD Membership Committee Report

The lifeblood of any organisation is its membership. The questions facing any organisation include – how do we most effectively connect with those who would be motivated to join those who are already working within the organisation, to further its goals? In our particular case, how do we, as a group of professionals, make working […]

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Regional Conferences

Virtual and Regional Conference Committee

Happy May ISSTDWorld! Thank you for stopping by to read about what the Virtual and Regional Conference Committee (VRCC) has been up to in its second year of being a committee! The goal of the VRCC committee is to support the continued growth of ISSTD’s regional and virtual trainings.  As a group, this committee includes […]

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Committee Update

Committee Update: Public Health Committee

The Public Health Committee, co-chaired by Michael Salter and Heather Hall, is seeking to expand the reach of the ISSTD into the public sector to address the social determinants of complex trauma. This committee originated as a Public Health Subcommittee back in 2018 and it became a full-fledged committee in 2020. The impetus for the […]

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