Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight

Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight – Contribute to the ISSTD Annual Conference – Join Now!

This month’s Volunteer Position Spotlight shines on the opportunity to become a Committee Member with the ISSTD Annual Conference Committee.

The Annual Conference Committee (ACC) is seeking committee members to help organize the ISSTD’s annual conference – from the planning to the completion stages. The ACC works together with Staff to develop the annual conferences, which includes the development of themes of the conference and tracks, supporting the development of the conference schedule in in-person and hybrid formats, publicity and marketing of the conferences with one’s personal and professional networks and beyond, and working alongside other ISSTD committees and groups to organize social programming and fund-raising at the conferences. Committee members also support in tasks during the conferences in-person and/or online. New committee members are invited to participate in the monthly meetings and volunteer for and work collaboratively on specific tasks. This role requires around 2-3 volunteer hours per month, on an average. Committee members are expected to attend the Annual Conference in-person or virtual (when available) and participate in facilitating conference tasks. Meetings occur monthly on Fridays at 3pm US Eastern.

Members with various experience levels and students are welcome to join this committee! Please contact Committee Co-Chairs Liz Chalenburg and Adithy at and with any questions before applying.

Apply online in the Volunteer Center (you must be logged in to submit your interest and apply today) – click here.

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